Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby humor

So I talked about the sermon that we heard on Sunday and how it really changed some of my perceptions of parenting and definently brought me back to reality of the magnitude of parenting.  This was part of it.

Parenting is like a fraternity party:

*  There are always have full, different colored cups all over the floor; especially in the tub.
*  There's always that one girl bawling her eyes out in the corner.
*  It's best to assume that the person next to you does not have full control over their digestive functions
*  When you sneak off to go to the bathroom, you know the second you sit down someone is going to knock on the door wanting in.
*  Most likely 80% of the stains on your floor contain DNA
*  There is someone in your face at 3am wanting something to drink.
*  There is definitely going to be a fight.
*  There are crumbled up underpants everywhere.
*  You wake up wondering how the person in bed with you got here.
*  Someone is going to be peeing in the front yard.
*  You just hope no matter what you do, you are not going to get arrested for it.

Happy Wednesday!


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