Monday, July 25, 2011

thought on parenting...

This weekend the Robertson's headed to Charleston for some R&R, or should I say a really good and refreshing time with friends.  We stayed with the Russo's and headed to the country on Saturday to hang out with the Davis family.  If you are not friends with these ladies, who are sisters in love, you need to because not only are they awesome and funny, they are great wife's and momma's too!  Sunday we went to seacoast, I love that church and could write 4,000 blogs about why I love it.
They are currently in a series about King David, his rise and fall.  This week was about parenting... there was some good and some ugly.  The good was encouraging, the ugly was hearing some truth spoke that I know I need to work on myself!  At least here was no ugly crying in church this week, amen?  Amen!

Here are some truths that he said:
*Teach them to say and do as I do.
Wow, that is going to be a hard one to keep true.  Even the little things like picking up after yourself.  How can I expect them to pick up after themselves when I don't do that well?  Let's don't even get into the spiritual side of it... that was an ugly one!
*  This is going to hurt you more than it's going to hurt me; but I'm going to do it anyways.
Sticking to your guns even when you know it's going to break your heart; not giving empty threats.
*If at first I blow it, I've got to try and try again.
Amen.  And literally, thank God for Grace, right?!?

Some other things that really hit home:
*We should not punish, but discipline.  Discipline is teaching them to grow better, to have growth in the situation at hand.  NEVER do this in anger.
*The stakes are always higher than you ever thought that they were.

And most importantly, for my girls:
*talk to them about the akward stuff or someone else will!!

Thanks Josh, you really challenged us in our parenting!  I am really looking forward to the changes that will be happening in our home!

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