Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend round up!

What a weekend!  We had a blast and were buys busy busy!

Friday night was LAME, we stayed at home and watched a movie.  AB was all sorts cranky from our whirl wind trip to VA to see my cousin Matt marry his bride.  So sweet and it was not long enough.
Mr. and Mrs. Chrosniak!
We then hopped in the car (again) and headed to topsail for a few days to meet up with my family for some beach time.  While we were there, we celebrated Carson's 21st birthday and my dad's birthday.  Needless to say, there was no schedule and to top off the "fun" AB started teething.
It was so bad that I thought she might be sick and took her to the pediatrician when we got home.  I spend $20 for them to tell me that all four upper teeth were coming down.  I asked if I could leave her there so they could weather the storm with her instead of me but they said no.

Saturday morning AB woke up a new women.  I made biscuits and sausage and egg burito's (it was super easy and really yummy).  Frank normally doesn't eat breakfast, he was full of himself all day.  I told him if he didn't knock it off I wasn't going to make breakfast for him, ever.  We went to REI's garage sale and it was ridiculous.  This of the bridal dress rush except this was grown men raising over camping gear.  AB napped FOREVER that afternoon!
Sunday we went to church and it was good (well not really, I cried in public.  I'll blog about that later).  We then went to eat lunch with my dad and we had a good time.  AB ate like 400 blueberries and napped forever again.  We then went and met up with the VanEvery's.   Sandy and Frank went climbing and Lacy and I just chased AB around and tried to have a conversation.  We went to dinner and didn't make a huge mess or have a melt down, it was a success!!

Happy Monday!

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