Monday, January 16, 2012

Passy stealer....

There once was a little girl, named Annabelle.   She loved her lovey and passy more than anything.  She took them EVERYWHERE.  In fact, she loved that lovey so much that her grandmother bought 6 of the same loveys, just is case.  Sweet Annabelle had 4 lovey at her house/car and 2 in the safe at her grandparents house, along with all her aunties and momma's lovies (seriously, I'm not kidding).

There one was a little boy, named Holden.  He loved his passy just as much as Annabelle and only loved her lovies.  He would only want a lovey when he was riding next to her in the car.  One day, his momma took him to lovey heaven where they all live and are waiting for adoption.  Sweet Holden got HIS VERY OWN!  He was in love.

When Holden and Annabelle would play, Holden would steal Annabelle's passies.  She would not do anything about it because he was bigger and could walk and much faster than that sweet girl.  Thankfully, his momma would always stick up for Annabelle and take it out of his mouth and give it back OR her momma was prepared for such things and would whip out a new one.

One day, Annabelle started walking, then running.  It had been awhile since these two mommas got together, so they were shocked at how FINALLY the babes seemed the same age.  Annabelle had become more assertive with toys and more brave with passies!  Poor Holden finally got what was coming- he had his passy stolen.  He went and got another, that one was taken too!  When sweet Annabelle finally decided which one she liked better, she gave the other back to Holden.

Annabelle's momma tried not to laugh and tried to use this opportunity to teach about sharing.  It was hard because the two mommas were laughing so hard at this.  It is true, what goes around comes around.  Maybe we can try again soon about sharing and not taking each others passies!

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Tiffany said...

paci. :) I know the computer says its spelled wrong, but it's paci. I'm glad my son taught your daughter to steal. We're knocking the parenting out of the park over here!!

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