Friday, January 13, 2012

The boob juice...

Nursing!  Ah, is everyone talking about it?  No?  Oh, it's just my friends, the ones that are procreating at a rapid rate {grin}.
Let me start of saying that this is hard, amen?  AMEN! 

With Annabelle, I thought I knew everything because I had read a few books (okay, I skimmed them) and you just put her on there, right?  Well it was a fiasco!  She would take FOREVER to nurse, mostly just making out with me (or my ta-ta) rather than getting that milk.  It was so frustrating and exhausting.  EXHAUSTING.  Then I got pregnant and it dried up, I was so confused and upset.  But I didn't know that I was pregnant yet.  I will never forget sitting on the bed just crying and Frank said to me it's time to stop.  I had so much resentment.  It was toward him for not "supporting me" (okay, he was supportive, I just had about 9 times of hormones running through me that I could not see straight or not not cry, all the time) and toward myself for not "trying hard enough".  No grace.  I later found out the reason my milk dried up.  Instant forgiveness.

Emma Kate, my sweet puker.  This is hard.  I drink water, I take medicine, I do this and that... my milk supply is dropping and I'm so frustrated.  My friend, Carrie, put me in touch with this lactation lady tonight and this is what I learned...

Oh the lies that our society tells us!!

  • You don't need a pump, it does more harm than good and you have to train your boobs to respond to a pump.  So ladies like myself who nurse, don't need a pump.  Pumps are great for working mothers or if you need to leave your babe for an extended period of time, etc.
  • They DO NOT represent what is really in there.  EVER.
  • Sometimes, you just need to nurse on demand to get your supply up.  She rocks out the attachment parenting style.  I agreed with most of what she said, but this momma needs to sleep.  Sleep deprived Abbey is a nightmare.  Frank said he would rather buy formula for the remaining 8 months than for me to be tired.  Ha.
  • "When in doubt, whip them out."
  • Nursing isn't just about food.  It's about connecting with your babe, nurturing them, spending that quality time with that little monster that ruined my cute figure that I once rocked!
  • Supplementing is a very slippery slope to get on.  We are on it and fighting tooth and nail, starting right now.
  • Turn that clock around and let them nurse as long as they want.  It's not about me right now, it's about them... buck up (my words, not hers!!)
So here is to tomorrow.  I will be nursing on demand all day.  Just for tomorrow, then we will worry about Saturday when it gets here.  And then Sunday.  Monday.

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