Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kathryn Hart Designs

So I started Kathryn Hart Designs shortly before Emma Kate was born.  It didn't really take off and I now know why.  There was enough on my plate with having a baby, moving and getting settled.   We are now settled, well the best that is going to be, and I'm chomping at the bit to get back to sewing.  I am relaunching Kathryn Hart Designs with a bang!

But first, what is Kathryn Hart Designs?
I custom make nursing wraps, burp cloths and car seat tents.  I already have fabric, but if there is something that you want, then just email me and we can figure it all out.

Why did you start it?
When I was preggo with Annabelle, all we could afford for a nursing wrap was this handkerchief size wraps that were too thin and really small.  The other stuff was way over priced.  You should be able to cover yourself and your child in style for a reasonable price.  Amen?  Amen.

Let's see some goodness!

Car seat tent.

Car Seat tent, how it looks on an infant chair.

Another view
Here are some fabric samples that can be made into wraps, tents or burp clothes!
Burp cloth fabirc

To kick this off, go to my easy shop and order!  If you don't see something that you like or want, email me at abbeyalden at gmail dot com and we can get something that will work perfect!  Want a monogram added, just let me know!

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