Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A love story

I'm not sure if I have blogged about this, but I started this when Frank I were engaged, so maybe.  But I will tell you again {grin}.

Frank and I moved to charleston around the same time.  He was in the air force and I was engaged (to someone else).  We did not know each other.  He breaks off his relationship a few months before I end mine.  My relationship was messy, very messy.  So it took until July of 2006 for us to finally break up.  Before that, we had started to go to church, maybe that would help.  I remember seeing all these guys there and how they interacted with each other and the other women there.  I thought, X will never be that way and that is what I want.  I am now friends with a few of those guys.  X and I broke up.

I went to my college/ 20 somethings group a few times and on Sunday mornings and was so frustrated.  I would meet these awesome people and then I wouldn't see them again or they wouldn't remember me the next time I saw them.  I remember praying in my car and trying not to cry, "Lord, I know you want better, but I don't know anyone and at least I had friends before, please send someone, anyone!"

On the last night that the pastor was there (he planted a church in Charlotte), there was a huge send off and lots of worship.  I remember seeing this guy crowd surfing across the front by the stage.  All I could see were these SUPER long legs flailing in the air.  I thought he was cute (little did I know those legs were Frank's).  That night I saw this guy that I knew from my childhood.  Our parents were best friends when we were born, we had play group together when we were toddlers.  He was visiting his brother in law.  He introduced me.  The brother knew EVERYONE.  I met everyone.

At the same time, I had started volunteering with the high school ministry.  I kept hearing about "Frank the tank".  Frank the tank was in the air force and on a trip for the first few weeks and wasn't around while I was meeting everyone.  {I'm getting those same butterflies as I am reliving this story}

So Frank the tank FINALLY gets home and we meet.  I meet him for the first time (although he swears up and down that he doesn't remember to this day) in the warehouse.  We meet again at small group.  I looked at him and knew there was something.  Maybe I was lonely, maybe I was desperate for attention, maybe I was weird, maybe I was meeting my future husband for the first time?  We start talking.  We decide to go to the pool on that Wednesday.  The next day (Tuesday), we email each other all day.  If you know Frank, you know this is not normal.

We go to the beach.  We drink wine on the beach.  We go to taco boy and eat.  I make him drive all the way home to get ready for church.  I didn't know that he lived so far away.  He was in the car literally 2 hours to go home, shower and then drive to church.  I'm a jerk, I know.  We had so much in common it's weird.  All the things that my mom told me to look for, they were all there.  All the things that freaked me out about other boys, were not.  I was suppose to meet up with X that day to take care of some housekeeping left over from our breakup.  I cancel.  We get in a fight on the phone.  I hang up and turn my phone off.  Frank later told me he was a little scared of me when he saw this.

We hung out everyday after that for the next 30 days.  I went to Charlotte.  We missed each other.  I got home and we made it official.  Well, we had like 4 DTR's and finally this girl cornered me and told me to stop fooling around and call it something.  I was scared of her.

Almost a 1 1/2 years of dating, Frank proposes.  It was awesome.  3 months later, we were married!  August 17, 2008 changed my life forever.

 Since then, we have adopted a dog, had 2 children and moved 9 times.  No wonder I'm exhausted!  We have had our ups and downs.  We have had our times of plentiful harvest and our times of drought.  We have had many of nights with a screaming baby that the only thing that got us through was our friendship and weird ability to laugh.  He is truly my best friend.

The story is not over and many will say, it has just begun.  I truly am hopeful for our future and excited to see where the Lord will lead us!

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