Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Can I be honest with you for a second?  Can I tell you how I cringe when I see how girls dress now a days?  Can I tell you how old I feel confessing that to you?

Let me be the first to tell you, there were a many of mornings when I was in high school sitting at the kitchen bar eating my cereal before school and my dad sent me back upstairs to start over.  What I was wearing was unacceptable.  Ya'll, I had to dress like "an old lady" when I was in high school... it was so embarrassing!  My dad would not let me wear mid drift or show cleavage (okay, I didn't have any).  I had to beg him to let me wear a bikini.  Short shorts and mini- skirts, forget it!  So when I moved out and could make choices on my own, I made some short skirt and wanna be cleavage choices.  Whatever.

When I met Frank and we started dating and were trying our darndest to honor the Lord in our purity, he told me that my, SUPER CUTE, mini skirt had to go.  He said, "no sex, no skirt" and gave me that "look" that he gives when he's serious.  Bust, first my dad now my future husband.

Now I have little ladies.  Ya'll, they are so pretty it takes my breath away.  The thought of someone looking at them makes my angry vein pop out.  Frank and I have to protect them, no one else will.  Nor will anyone fight for them like this crazy momma will!

Bathing suits are out... have you seen them?  If not, go walk through the baby section and look at those tiny things... it's criminal.

Can I tell you how sick I am of my husband having to put his head down every 2 seconds while we are out in public?  It's maddening!  He wants to have eyes for his women only but these women are running around with their boobs hanging out, too short shirts to cover their hiney's.  I want to scream... Dressing up for a fancy event does not entitle you to have your boobs hanging out, a night on the town is not your get out of jail free card to dress like a hooker.  I remember I took my dad to this gala at our church one year.  This girl was there and her cleavage was so bad and she would not leave us alone that my poor dad kept his head down the whole time.  I felt so bad for him.  I'm sure my friends thought he was a werido or was asleep... no no, he was trying to keep eyes for his wife only.
* Yes I said "hooker" and "church" in the same paragraph.

So what?  Let me tell you, these Robertson women will be protesting Vogue, In Style and baby gap this year and be wearing a one piece.  Well, for the unforeseeable future.  We will teach our little people that their bodies are for their future husband and that beautiful cleavage that they will get one day, it is for him also.  Those long legs that they both have are for modest shorts and appropriate length skirts, their male friends need to be respected by dressing this way.

So go ahead and laugh at us, as we are playing on the beach modest, I'm totally okay with it.

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Moe said...

My daughter will also be rocking the one pieces. Granted, I find some of the little baby bikinis adorable I cannot and will not allow my baby to wear one. My man feels the same way. I used to be the girl who would wear the indecent clothing and looking back all of that attention sickens me.
Rock on little girls!

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