Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mary Kay and a spider bite

I'm alive, I swear!  It has been nuts around here and I just can't seem to get my writing juices flowing!  Emma is a full on roller now, watch out everyone, she's on the loose!  AB is just talking up a storm and everyone is getting married right now.  I'm serious!  Carson (my youngest sister) is getting married April 14th and Olivia (Frank's older sister) is getting married memorial day weekend.  I am a bridesmaid in Carsons wedding and the girls are flower girls.  I was asked to be the matron of Honor in Olivia's wedding and Frank is marrying them.  The girls are getting a babysitter for that wedding... momma needs two hands!  So needless to say, I've been busy driving up and down 77 to charlotte and on the phone non stop with Olivia planning and what not.

On the lighted and super exciting note, I started my own business, selling Mary Kay!  My director talked me into going to the career conference last weekend in Charlotte... on my!  Besides the 2,000 alpha females rushing to get to the front, it was amazing!  To paint a clear picture, think of 13 year olds at a Justin Beiber concert (okay, I haven't been and could only imagine.  New kids on the block, yeah, I can see that!!).  All the make up, perfume, diamonds....

I will say, that I liked the make up before.  I liked the lipgloss and the perfume.  The mascara didn't make my eyes itchy, so I was sold on the mascara.  I didn't, however, know about the skin care.  Ya'll, it's amazing!  I reached into my bag and snagged some... I'm hooked!  I used some other drug store products before but I always felt like I was wearing a mask after I washed my face and used lotion.  But this stuff, this Mary Kay stuff, Oh. My. Word.  I felt like my skin could breath, all day.  My face wasn't super greasy at the end of the day and even with my makeup on, it was still light.

At the conference, there was one thing that was repeated over and over again.  Have goals.  So my fearless leader and director asked me what my goals were.  Here they are:
Make enough to stop cloth diapering.
Be able to afford cable and internet
Drive a pink escalade

My debut party is next Tuesday, at my directors house.  We are having a pedi piggy party!  If you live in the Charleston area, we'd love to have you.  Come on, free pedi's, YES PLEASE!  Email me at abbeyalden@gmail.com and I will give you the details and I promise not to make you buy something :)

This week, I'm working on building my personal MK website, so friends, family and clients can order directly off the website.  I can always order too!!

My director was going to come over today and we were going to work on some things together.  We had to cancel, AB got bit by some sort of spider and we spent the morning in Urgant care.  She's okay, but it's scary non of the less.

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