Sunday, April 1, 2012

Emma Kate

Lately, this little lady has been a hoot.  Her little personality has just been making it's debut one day at a time.  I must say that she is way more mellow than Annabelle ever was and most likely will ever be!  Emma Kate just laughs at all the time and just likes to be held.  Last night was a first, she just wanted me. I was frustrated at first because I was trying to get some things done for a party, but stopped myself to remember that I will NEVER have baby Emma back.  Instant attitude adjustment and apology to the little lady was made.

A few weeks ago, I took this video.  It is Emma Kate laughing at Annabelle.  Annabelle is never doing anything but some how Emma will get so tickled.  Please ignore my super annoying voice, I was just laughing so hard at the two of them.

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