Friday, March 2, 2012

We have a 6th member of our clan.  There's me, Frank, Annabelle, Emma Kate, Dallas (the k9) and lovey.  While most people would argue that you have to be a mammal to cast a role in a family, I would beg to differ.  We talk about lovey, make out with lovey, tell him we love him and so on.  He gets bathed on a regular basis (sometimes involuntary tosses into the bathtub, but hey, what can you do... he should speak up!).  There are 4 lovey's at our house, 2 at my parents house, in the safe.  I'm not kidding, ask them.

So why is he a member of our family?  He eats with us at every meal, gets AB's first sip of drink and food to eat.  Annabelle is the best momma to this thing.  He goes EVERYWHERE with us.  When she was first given lovey, I said "only in the crib"... haha, I want to punch that Abbey in the face.  He makes a regular appearance in photos and there is usually one found tucked in a corner somewhere.

Here is where I have found a lovey in the last week:

  • Under the seat of the car
  • under the open dishwasher door
  • Laundry pile and I did not put him there
  • behind the crib (AB must have taken several to bed one time because we would have known about other wise.)
  • Emma's bed
  • Stroller that was folded up.
  • By the curb
  • In the bath tub (not wet, just hanging out)
  • high chair
  • in front of the cooler at Caviar and Bananas (we didn't know she tossed it and we retraced our steps)
  • Behind the counter at the Tervis tumbler store (insert same story as above)

Happy Friday!

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