Friday, April 6, 2012


I have some thoughts i need to share.  Thoughts that are quite controversial and may stir up some emotion.  Bear with me as I process these thoughts.  I am in no way trying to debate, they are just my personal thoughts.

While I think that home births are amazing and women can birth how they want and they actually call the shots, it may not be the safest way.  I mean, what about all the deaths in the family way back when that women died from childbirth.  My great great grandmother died giving birth, at home in her bed.  Her husband moved his toddler and newborn in with his sister to raise them.
What about my friend that had some SERIOUS complications and almost died after birth from internal bleeding and was about to have a hysterectomy?  Praise the Lord, seriously, that she was in the care of her Dr. and in the hospital and they intervined and gave her blood transfusions.  Thank God, they were able to do ultrasounds to make sure that her uterus had stopped bleeder and had clotted just right, or they would have taken it.  She's 27.
What about my friend who gave birth and her babe was having trouble breathing and spend the first week in the NICU on a breathing tube?
What about my friend who's babe is STILL in the NICU and is now 6 weeks old fighting for his life.
These friends are not friend of a friend ladies.  These women are my best friends.  One is a good friend of my husbands (you know, those weirdo's that smoke cigars together!!)

What about them?!?  They were under some of the best care in our area, and their babes were in the best NICU around!  THey didn't know that they were high risk during utero.  If fact, 2 of those three women would be ideal candidates for home births.  The other would even be idea for a vbac.  They didn't know what was coming or that the ya-ya clan would be formed because of them (don't ask, it's another post in and of itself).

Hospital births are amazing also.  I gave birth to both my girls in a hospital with a epidural both times.  It was truly amazing bring life into this world.  
I do not feel that I missed out on or was deprived of "not feeling it".  I felt it alright.  And it was not pleasant, thank you Eve.

What I'm saying is, why do SOME women act like they are self righteous about home birthing or all natural?  Does it give them some right to act like they get a bigger badge of metal?  Have you seen a women recover form a c-section, they are the ones that need a metal of courage especially if they have babes at home already... no lifting for weeks!

My point is this.  Don't act like you are the only women on the planet that has given birth, been preggo or had morning sickness.  There is more than one way to give birth and if you did give birth in your living room, you are no better than nor a better mother than the one that gave birth on an operating room table.

Later this week, if I get enough courage, my thoughts on:

  • vaccinations
  • breast feeding
  • cloth diapering
Happy Friday.


Rodrigues said...

AMEN! Totally agree!

Dibbs said...

yeah i wanted an epidural as soon as i got pregnant. lol. i just didn't see a point in having an unpleasant birth experience (for me), and the epidural made it very pleasant.
as for the other topics, i vaccinate my kids. i breastfeed them, but i know that there are various reasons that people don't, some of them medical. i'm too cheap to do formula though. same goes with the diapers. i originally started doing cloth because i thought it was so cute to take pics of my daughter with just her cloth diaper on (so much cuter than disposables), but then i realized it's so much cheaper too! so i guess my motivations are less than noble, or green, but i'm happy with them. haha

Along Abbey Road said...

I saw your name at The Wiegands and it caught my eye since we have the same name!

I 100% agree with this post. The whole "I am She-Woman" thing can be aggravating. We are all amazing for having children. Period.

Along Abbey Road
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