Thursday, April 26, 2012

A giveaway

Group giveaway

Hey friends!  We have some fun stuff to giveaway for mother's day.  Wouldn't be fun to shower your momma with some gifts or a momma you know or if you are a momma, just give it to you husband to give back to you on May 13th!


Hilary has a blog and creates over at Handmade by Hilary.  She makes super cute headbands, bows,  and her new signature is a big summer hat monogrammed.  Yes, please.  She can jazz up a plain onsie or bag like I have never seen.  One thing that I have learned from Hilary is that if you think that you can not pull it off, you are wrong!  She will have you styling in no time.  And don't get me started on her super cute little girl.  Hilary and I were pregnant together when we had our first babes.  I love her and her work is outstanding!  She is also an incredible seamstress and can monogram ANYTHING!  Go check out her shop and let her get you wearing feathers and monograms.  She will convert the least likely :)


Bonnie blogs and over at bonnbonn boutique.  She is so creative.  We met several years ago and we both moved away from charleston.  We became better friends over Facebook and since then we have moved back to Charleston and are good friends.  She is a nurse by trade but has taken a time out to raise some super cute boys.  And they love her momma!  She writes a super cute blog about raising boys, make up and her latest crafts.  She is super creative and love Jesus.  I'm so glad to call her a friend.

                                                               Twitter | Blog | Etsy

Stacie blogs and creates over at bon bons and all my children.  She is a new friend to me.  We started to hang out when I moved back to Charleston.  She is one of the funniest people I know and writes about parenting and other musings along the way.  She stays at home and raises her two small children but works part time to keep her sanity.  She is an incredible cook and is obsessed with Christmas (I mean, I think she is part elf).  You can find her on instragram @staciegregory and you will not be disappointed!!  Stacie started making her sabbath in a jar and I'm slightly obsessed.  I mean you sorta want to lick yourself while exfoliating, just kidding, but seriously!


Tiffany blogs and creates over at mommy sassy pants.  She is an incredible talent in crocheting and a bigger heart for adoption.  You can see her talents and about her efforts to help bring friends children home from far away lands.  She too stays at home with her little boys.  Her oldest (who is known as baby man in the internet world) is also best friends with my annabelle.  You can find them shrieking in the hallways at church or tucking each other into his big boy bed during play time.  Tiffany also makes baby blankets (if you beg enough and pay her enough, she MIGHT make you one) that are amazing and all her work is outstanding quality.  

From our home.

My husband just made (and by that I mean that, the bottle is still hot in the picture) jalepino jelly.  Oh my word.  It's so good and you will LOVE IT.  Also, I started selling Mary Kay and I'm including one of my favorite eye shadow.  If you would like to purchase some mary kay, you can email me at abbeyalden at gmail dot com and I would love to help you will all your skin care needs.

*** To enter, you must be a follower of my blog***
Leave a comment saying you did so!!

Additional entries for each blog/ twitter / easy shop that you like for each shop
*One comment for each thing that you do*

Blog, Facebook and tweet about the giveaway, comment for each time!

Additional entries:
Follow me of twitter
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I will pick a winner on May 3rd.

Good luck!


Sarah Fontenot said...

Hi Abbey! I'm a new follower to your blog! Glad to have found it through Bonnie!

Sarah Fontenot said...

Following you on twitter (@fontenotfour)

Sarah Fontenot said...

I follow Bonnie's blog.

Sarah Fontenot said...

I follow Tiffany's blog.

Sarah Fontenot said...

I follow Hilary's blog.

Sarah Fontenot said...

I follow Bonnie on twitter.

Sarah Fontenot said...

I follow Tiffany on twitter.

Sarah Fontenot said...

And as long as I'm stalking everyone, I follow Hilary on twitter! :)

Emily Alden said...

I am following you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Brown said...

I am now following you! haha that sounds sooo stalkerish :)

Jane Brown said...

I am now following you! haha that sounds sooo stalkerish :)

Abbi said...

Ok, I'm officially following you lady!

Carey said...

i am now following you. I have never entered one of these giveaways before but it's so much fun!

Mandy said...

Hi! I am a new follower on your blog! =)

Jessica said...

Cute stuff! I'm following you.

Thanks so much for joining us at our 1st Mom's Monday Mingle Blog Hop. It's great to have you with us. :) Following you back and looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Jessica @

Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)

Nicole Buckingham said...

Following Ya and lovin' it!!!

Following from Monday Mingle. I'd love it if you'd come join the ride at


The Envelope Keeper said...

Now following! Found you through Mrs. Pate Writes. I'm doing a giveaway, too. Come check it out!

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