Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mary Kay Thursday

So, I think that I mentioned it before, but I started my own business, selling Mary Kay.  Frank and I started going to this event at our church called "married life" and met this couple.  Mary Beth, the wife, and I hit it off.  Turns out I went to high school with her son.  Tony, the husband, and Frank hit it off.  They are the sweetest couple and am so thankful to have them our lives.

Mary Beth asked me if she could do a makeover for me for valentines day, I reluctantly agreed.  She came over, she taught me how to put on make up.  I'm so embarrassed to admit it, I am 29 and didn't know how to put on makeup and it look good.  She started with my "everyday" look and then we added date night on top.  Can I tell you, I looked AWESOME!  When Frank came home, he went to the bathroom and primped for 10 minutes, the girls and I were sitting in the car waiting on him.

Later she approached me, she had me hooked... I had to sell this.  I had to teach women.  I had to let them feel what I felt that night, pretty.

So the bag came.  I was so nervous.  Mary Beth then talked my into going to Charlotte for the career conference.  She said that we would get products in exchange for the cost.  FREE products, she knew I was a sucker!  So we got there, you can read about that here.
The botanical line is new and it is amazing!  I love it!  I feel like my face just took a deep breath.  I have had some random um, imperfections, come out, but I feel like it's that my face hasn't been totally clean from previous products and the junk is coming out.  Here is what I use:

The botanicals line.

Amazing.  There is 4 products that work as a team.  The cleanser, the mask, toner and then the lotion.  Wow.  My skin feels so good and apparently looks amazing too.  People have been commenting on how good it looks.  I guess Mary Kay did know a thing or two about skin care.

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Mary Beth's Gems said...

Thank you for your sweet comments!!
I am the lucky one!! Having you on my Mary Kay team! One thing though: I don't recall any reluctancy in accepting my suggestion for a Valentines Day makeover - sounded pretty eager to me - but then maybe I am the sucker! :-)

Love you!

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