Thursday, May 3, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I guess people like me more that I thought they did....

Not only was I nominated once, but twice!!

So I will give credit where credit is due.
My friend Graylynn from The Rodrigues Family nominated me first.  I'm not going to lie, I didn't know what I thought about it.  Then I got nominated again for it by my friend Bonnie from Bonn Bonn Boutique.
So I will do what they have asked and pass it on.

What the heck is a lobster blog award might you ask?  It's a way for you to share other blogs that have less that 200 followers.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Copy & paste the award to your blog.
3. Nominate 5 further blogs and let them know by leaving a comment.

Graylynn is such a sweet girl.  She is a true southern girl that has been uprooted from the south to Boston and is so homesick.  She has a wonderful husband and a precious little boy.  She writes about her faith, family and journey in the cold north.
Graylynn's parents and my parents were friends way before Graylynn and I were a twinkle in their eyes.  Her dad is a pastor of the church I grew up in.  We have been on many trips together and embarked on the super awkward and painful Jr. high years together.  In fact, I had her luggage tag on my luggage when we went to Colorado one summer (don't' ask me how I remember that... I have no idea!!).  Her dad and momma was so good to my family when we lost my mom.  

Bonnie makes me laugh.  A lot.  She keeps it real and I love her for it.  She loves her husband, boys and the Lord fiercely.  She is so creative and has style that this southern girl can admire.  You can find Bonnie putting mustaches on all sorts of goodies and rolling her eyes at her 2.5 year old son lassoing things off the counter that he can not reach (I'm not kidding!).  Her blog is a hoot but her instagram stream is even better.

Without further ado... here are my nominations:

1.  A girl on a journey.  I have never met Sarah, but I think that if we did meet, we would be good friends.  I found her blog on top baby blogs and it's super cute.  She has 2 small girls that are a mess and she loves the Lord and her husband.  I love her funny stories that are similar to mine.

2.  Accessorized by life.  I met Aubry a few years ago over a yuengling at boulevard diner.  I knew that I would like her for 2 reasons.  a.  She liked boulevard diner.    b.  She likes dark beer.  Then I started to get to know her and her kind heart that is so compassionate.  She is hysterical and her dogs always give a good story.  She just got married last September and her hubby is a hoot.  Aubry is a nanny and that family is so blessed to have her in their family.

3.  Corbett's corner.  I met Avery in high school.  We went to church together.  Avery has one of the kindest hearts that I know.  She loves the Lord so much and just recently had a baby girl.  She blogs about life and being a new mom.  She too is a southern girl that lives in the north and often complains about the snow (can you blame her?!?).  When I was in 10th grade, Avery drove home from college just to help me get ready for prom, that is the kind of friend that she is.

4.  Hilary Surratt.  I met Hilary a few years ago and we became better friends while we were pregnant at the same time.  Hilary is married to a pastor and she blogs about life, crafting and her super cute baby.  She runs a small business of monogramming and making cute things.  Hilary is all things girlie and has a heart of gold.

5.  It's a reyondsful world.  Courtney and I met a few years ago when she was engaged and became better friends when we were pregnant at the same time with Gentry and Annabelle.  You can find Courtney blogging about family, friends and get precious and super girlie girls.  She just had her second baby girl and she is just as precious as her first!!

Now ladies, you need to pass it on!!  I hope you enjoyed meeting some of my friends!!

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