Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Some weekend stuff:

Saturday night, we got together with some friends.  My babe was napping and AB was with my parents in Charlotte getting spoiled out of her little mind enjoying some quality time with them and her aunts.  So I was setting up the table, getting drinks, etc.  Long story short, I stubbed my toe and this is what it looked like Sunday night!!  OUCH!!  Of course I heard it from Frank because I wasn't wearing shoes.  I never wear shoes.  He made me promise to wear shoes all the time until it heals.  Boo.  Please laugh at the flip flop tan that there all year around just showed up.

She's back!!!!

My mother is law has started to clean out their house to get ready to sell it.  And she has found the draw with all the pictures and has been texting all of us these hysterical pictures of Frank, that if I posted would take YEARS of marital conciling to get us over the violation of privacy!!  But there was this sweet picture that she sent me of Frank and his dad.  I cropped it though so you can see that when I tell you that Emma Kate looks like him, I'm not kidding.  How did this come out of me???  Precious??  I know!!

So my step mom has a love affair with wings.  She loves coconut joes wings and the restaurant looks out over the Isle of Palms.  We went there and had the WORST service, ever.  I didn't want to tip the server it was so bad.  And if you know me, you know I'm a generous tipper.  I know that my server makes $2.13 an hour, just to pay taxes.  But I did.  I called and talked to the manager and told her about the growth opportunies she could teach our server from said night.  She apologized and asked Frank and I to come back and let them redeem themselves, on the house.  Yes, please!  In the mean time, one of my friends had called and ASKED if she could watch EK for us so we could have a date night.  Free child care and free dinner... thank you Lord, you knew how bad we needed it!!

Happy Tuesday!


bonnie-bonnbonnboutiqe.blogspot.com said...

Ouch your toe looks gnarly! So fun you got to have a date night! I personally do not like coconut joes. I think it's nasty.

They call me Mrs. Robertson said...

I'm not a fan either, but when it's free, I'll take it!!

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