Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm sorry and a gross story.

So I wrote a post yesterday that was portrayed ugly.  It started out as an "I don't understand this"/ "please stop judging us momma's" into a judgemental post.  I feel like resently that God has been stripping me of this shell that I have had.  A shell full of ugliness, judgement and maybe even a little bitterness.  It has been painful.  It has been emotional.  It has been really hard.  Hard to know who I can talk to when things upset me that use to not bother me, like who can I trust to ugly cry to?   Not the lady at the grocery store- awkward.  A friend, maybe.  But which one?  I don't want all my dirty laundry out there.

All of this to say; if you read that post, it was not kind and I'm sorry.  

Now, as a result, one my friends told me that I should tell you the most horrific story EVER to make up for my ugliness.  Here is goes:

Do you have a toddler?  Well, if you do or spend a 1/2 of a second with one, you know that they LOVE to feed you, right?  Well, I had just cut up some strawberries for my perfect and does no wrong toddler AB who is totally into this "mommy" thing.  She feeds anything with a mouth (stitched on or not), will wipe anything with legs (Dallas included), give a bottle to anything with a mouth and puts EVERYTHING to bed!
I had just finished changing EK's diaper (poop- think rabbit poop!) and went to sit down on the couch to post on intragram the cutest picture, AB is playing with her dolls and feeding them the said strawberries.  She comes over and reaches up to give me, what I think is a strawberry so I open my mouth and instantly knew it wasn't a strawberry....
I immediately take it out of my mouth and look at it and instantly know that it was one of those little poops that must have fallen out!  I rush to the bathroom all while screaming and yelling and trying not to gag.  Frank is on the phone during the whole commotion.  I scrub my tongue like no ones business.  The whole time Annabelle is running around too mimicing everything that I"m saying and doing.  Frank finally gets off the phone and is trying to figure out what the heck just happened.  I finally get it out that I ate poop!  After hysterically laughing he asks where it is, in the course of said events, I didn't know what I did with it.  Did I throw is away, flush is, throw it... nobody knows!
Now, the term "Eat Sh*t" has taken on a whole new meaning in this house.  It really is the grossed think to say to someone and it really does taste as gross as you think.

Have a happy weekend!

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Jessi said...

I'm proud of you. Christ in you is beautiful.

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