Thursday, June 7, 2012

A texas kind of week

Ya'll know how my love for Texas has been an ongoing love affair.  The first time I set foot on Texas soil and saw all those rhinestones, I knew that my alter ego was destined for the lone star!

You see, I have a weird style going on.  I'm in this weird stage right now that I'm ready to settle.  I don't know what "style" I have right now.  I've been stuck in the mercy of maternity clothes for almost 2 years straight and not a rock star budget to keep my look going.  Now I have small children, I'm 15 pounds away from my goal and I don't need to wear professional clothes anymore.  So am I a gap style, bohemian, classic?  I don't want to box myself in like that... why can't I wear hippy and rhinestones?  Why do I care?  Does it matter at the end of the day if I wore my pearls to wash dishes and do laundry and try to raise some God fearing children?  YES.  I need it, it makes me feel like a woman.  I'm not going to lie, it makes me feel really pretty and if I'm completely honest, I would wear my fancy designer high heels to fold laundry and vaccuum- if they still fit (thank you AB and EK, I now have  even larger feet and my hard earned investment on shoes was a waste!).

So back to Texas, I love going there because it's my week to wear tons of makeup, tons of rhinestones and shower everyday!  I mean, you need to keep up with your mother in law, right?  Oh, that's not you?  Well, its mine!  And I love it.  She gave me a dress while I was there!  I think she did it for 1 of 2 reasons.  1, she let me borrow it because the outfit that I packed was a flop, I didn't try it on before we left- stupid.  And maybe she was worried that I stretched it out?  I tried real hard to not wiggle a lot in it, I'm not kidding.  Or 2, I freaked out when I put it on and it looked awesome and it was a size 4!!!!!!!!!  OMG, you don't even understand!  I haven't been that small in YEARS!!!  I had it on the washing machine to wash it and hang it back up.  I told her that so she wouldn't think that I was being irresponsible with her dress. I found it in our bag already washed.  I'm grateful.

We went there for Olivia and Jarrett's wedding.  Frank preformed the ceremony and I was the matron of honor.  It was so pretty, low key, sweet and HOT!  We all got a little sun burned, i didn't even think to put some sun screen on.  But here are some photo's of the ceremony!

Fish fry... Oh. My. Word.


Rehearsal.  Emma Kate just couldn't take it and Grandma Cindy came to the rescue.

Cake, made by the groom's brother.  Wow.  And Please note the details!!

Yes, it was as amazing at it looks.  Those strawberries, heaven.

This is a texan home for ya!

Dancing and the photographer got in the way!!

Papa George and Olivia.

Country Sunset.

Emma Kate loved her some Nanna time!

"Anna , ook, ook" translation:  Nanna, a book a book


"take me for a ride on my big green tractor"

"We can go for a ride..."


I love these women.  
 Now, if you really want to get this family dancing, and ALL of them dancing... just put on some Celine Dion or some Josh Groban (and maybe a little Vanilla Ice- haha!).  I'm not kidding!

Of course it was awesome being there.  We were ready to come home only because AB wasn't sleeping well, AT ALL.  We were in our usual funk when we came home and AB kept asking where "anna" and papa were.  She calls nana "anna".  

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Danielle said...

hi! I'm new to your blog but I just wanted to say that I LOVE TEXAS too!! Not that I would let any of "them" know that! ;) Thanks for sharing your life with us!

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