Friday, June 8, 2012

An update

Happy 9 months Emma Kate!

Oh Emma Kate, you are becoming more and more precious each day!  I am so sorry that I don't do monthly updates on you like I did Annabelle.  I'm just sorry.  It's just so crazy and I feel like time is literally flying by us.  I feel like when I pick you up at the nursery or even wake you up for a nap you mysteriously grew in just a short time that i left you.  You turned 9 months just 2 days ago and here is what you are up to:

  • You are rocking on all 4's, trying to get the courage to go!
  • You crawl backwards and are really good at rolling to get to where you need to go.  But the backwards thing gets you stuck, a lot.

  • You have started "talking"... baba, lala and other super cute noises.
  • You yell, a lot.
  • You think that AB is so funny and we find you belly laughing at her doing nothing but standing there
  • You are so ticklish
  • You have a serious love affair with your johnny jumper and you make the thing swing.  True story.

  • We often have to move your johnny jumper to a new door jam because you swing it so high.  I'm not kidding.  You have great form while jumping by the way.
  • You eat 4 6oz bottle at 8am, noon, 4pm and 7:30ish.  You eat solids at every meal and are sorta picky.  
  • When you are full, you do this gagging, head shaking, eye closed, grossed out thing and it makes me laugh, a lot.
  • You love to be held.
  • You are so in love with your daddy.
  • You started waiving just last week.
  • I swear you said "emma" the other day just clear as day, your daddy heard it too.
  • You have the longest, pointiest tongue that i have ever seen in a baby and it's always sticking out!!
  • You got your 2 bottom teeth a few weeks back and you are a biter!!  stop it!
I love you sugar and am so excited to see you grow and become the woman that you are meant to be.  




Sarah McLaurin said...

awe she's so cute!!! I think our girls would be friends...i didn't realize they are so close in age-Savannah just turned 7 months a few days ago!

They call me Mrs. Robertson said...

Thank you! I think that they would be friends also!!

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