Friday, July 20, 2012

A day in the life of Mrs. Robertson...

Happy Friday Friends!
So, I've never done one of these, but I like to read what other people's day is like, so maybe you would like to know what mine is like?  It makes me feel better that I NEVER sometimes stay in my pj's until noon.  
So here is what our day looks like, as of the last few weeks when we became a 1 car family.

We get up between 8 and 9am.  Ideally, I get up at 7 or so and make my coffee, have quiet time and unload the dishwasher.  The empty dishwasher at the beginning of the day just seems to make everything run smoother for the rest of the day.  Some days is happens and most days it does not.  Read:  Nigh owl.  Like right now while I'm writing this.  Most mornings, I wake up to this:

I fix AB's breakfast and get her working on that and in the mean time, I get EK up and feed her her bottle.  Then feed her breakfast.  We've been on a cereal kick lately.  While EK is still in the high chair, I take advantage of the clean living room and vaccuum real quick.  Vaccuum #1

I then get the girls dressed and idealy, I'm already dressed, shoes and all.
Dallas goes outside.  AB helps.
They watch a "ovie" (movie) and I tackle that beast of a kitchen and clean up from breakfast.  If I got up early, then I have a quiet time and they have book time.  AB looks at the books and EK chews on them.

After we finish that time, we play on the floor and be silly.  I am trying to be intential about playing with them on the floor and tickling them and teaching them new things.

Sometimes, I need to jump on the computer and get something done for whatever reason, or a friend will call or AB has work she needs to get done.  True story, she came around the corner the other day like this!!

About 10 or so, EK is ready for her first nap.  This is when AB and I get busy.  We usually clean, or play outside or read books.  I try to limit my house cleaning to when they are BOTH napping so that I can actually "stay at home" with them.  AB and I might also paint or color or do "abbey's ghetto preschool"... so fun!

This day, I was having a party at my house and 2 of the girls are really allergic to animals.  So, "we" literally pulled the furniture off the wall and vaccuumed behind there... did you know dog hair travels?  Eww.  I clean with vinegar, so AB totally dusted for me :)

After we've done a few chores, we have to think about what to do next:

Oh what a momma will do to see that laugh!!

Sometimes, things like this come in the paper or a cool magazine will arrive via snail mail and I just can't wait till naptime!!

AB really likes to play "mommy".  Some of her favorite mommy things, playing night night; she will take her babies {read: stuffed animals or babies} into her room, put a blanket on them, turn her fan on and shut the door.  She will also "feed" her babies; bib, bumbo, spoon and a random plastic object that resembles a container.  Playing "bye bye", she will gather things in her purse and push her stroller around saying "bye bye".  Oh, and wear daddy's sock- now that is hysterical, obviously:

Rocking, hushing, singing.  She's a natural, already.

By this time, it's noon.  And we are HUNGRY... Lunch; get AB started on lunch, wake up EK and feed her.  Scarf something down.  Check on Dallas to make sure he has water and is not having a heat stroke, AB helps.  Play for just a little longer.  Everyone goes down for a nap between 1 and 2.

This is when I get busy.  Make phone calls, catch up on emails.  Sometimes, I just want to sit and read blogs or take a nap.  Work on Mary Kay stuff.  
I'm drooling over this new MK director bag!!

2:30pm.  Daddy is home.  
4pm  Everyone is waking up.  EK eats again and AB gets a snack.  We snuggle and watch another show.  

We have dinner between 530 and 630.  It just all depends on if I start early.  I cook a lot with the crock pot.  A lot.  I try to get it started no later than noon, so it's ready when we are.  Other nights, Frank cooks because the girls are so whiny and just want me.  And if I'm totally honest, by that point in the day, I'm so tired that I don't really care who cooks, it just needs to happen with the least amount of mealt down as possible.  Our witching hour is really tough because the girls are so little.  EK is still taking that 3rd nap sometimes and sometimes not.  

And if I'm really, really honest, I usually let Dallas in to clean up dinner... then back outside for a little longer.  Thank you hoover Dallas.
*I'm going to take this time to pimp out my sister's and my new cooking blog.  It is full of great recipes that are super easy for working people or family life ladies... and they are GOOD!!!

Then the night just eases in... dinner time:  We ALL sit at the table and we talk, we ask the girls questions, and the other talks for them.  We tell daddy about our day and the funny things that happened.

Bath time.  Clean the living room up from the hurricane of toys.  Vaccuum #2.

8pm.  Bed time.

Dallas inside.

Frank and I try to hang out for a little bit and catch up- you know, a real adult conversation and maybe watch a show.  He goes to bed no later than 9:30.  I then stay up way to late because there is no one to make me go to bed and then starts the day over....

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