Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Wednesday

We've had this cough going around our house since March.  A few weeks ago, Frank's mom called me and used her super kind voice scary please don't spank me tone and told me to take him to urgent care after church and that she would pay for it.  So we went, all of us.  I wanted to talk to the Dr. about EK's cough also.  He said it was viral bronchitis and that we needed to ride it out.  3 weeks later, Frank is fine (after coughing for 7 weeks) but EK started wheezing.  I called my nurse friend and she told me I should take her in.  So I did.  I first dropped AB off at my other friends house who always saves the day like that!  EK and I enjoyed our time together.

While we were in the grocery store waiting on her meds, I did some "filler shopping".  You know that run you have to do mid week that is SOO annoying and cost just as much as the main run but you buy nothing?  Yeah that one.  Well, EK is getting restless because we missed her morning nap and she is getting hungry for lunch, you can imagine the amount of joy she is at this point.  
I hand her a doll that she loves and start making it "make out with her"... she takes it and starts making out with it and all of these really loud noises, I mean people are looking at us.  Grown, single men- who would normally never look at a baby- are looking at laughing at her.  One guy says "that is some serious making out going on"... oh. my. word.  I don't think I was that embarrassed since high school when my dad drove me to school because I was grounded from driving.

She takes her making out serious!
Today, Frank was doing some work on the car and AB was playing with some bubbles outside as well.  I was just trying to stay cool.  We took the moment to have a family photo... 

Should have woken EK up... christmas card?

You know that time of day when the little people AND the big people are just grouchy and dinner is almost done but not quite and you are seriously about to eat it anyway, done or not because you realized you didn't eat breakfast or lunch?  Yeah, that happened today and the only way to get through it was some photo booth while Frank finished dinner... how can these faces not boost some moral?

Happy Wednesday!

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