Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chick Fil A

Who doesn't like chick fil a?  Well, before a week or so ago, everyone!  I still do.  You know that the ole' chicken pays our bills right?
Did you know that the gay population, according to a super dependable resourse puts it at 1.7%?

Why is our nation and some of our nations leaders all up in arms over this?  Why are they getting bent out of shape for what a christian man said about the biblical foundation of a family?  If one believes in the bible, they will clearly believe it's contents.  If the bible sets up a family unit to be a man, women and their children, then one will believe that is the "right" family, right?

Did the media even read the whole article?  If they did, they should be taking notes, the Cathy family runs one of the most successful resturants in the industry.  They have their basics down and don't stray from it.  They speak with conviction and have some great business sense (duh!).  All they took from it was "Chickfila hates gays."  Read the whole article, it's really good.

Am I here to debate family structure?  No!  To be honest, I really don't care.  I really don't.  If you are gay, fine.  If you are straight, fine.  It's a whole other post of my views of homosexuality.  Maybe one day.

My point is this.  Why are we being divided over something that is so small?  I know that 1.7% of our popluation is real people, it's about 4 million people, that is a lot!  Everyone counts.  They really do.

Every single person counts.

But we live in a country where if you are a homosexual and you have a partner, you are still able to get insurance with them, you can adopt children,  buy property together and so much more.  You can act as one.  You are being one.

Why are we basing our political stance on something that effects so few people?  Why not rally against bigger issues?

Don't we have other things to get bent out shape about?   Let's talk slavery.  Did you know that there are more slaves today then ever before?
Did you know that children are being used as soldiers?
Did you know that run aways are lured into prostitution and held again their will?
Did you know that we are about to lose a whole lot more if there is not reform in our government?
Did you know that if things don't change, quickly, that we will no longer be the land of the free and home of the brave?
We will soon be another socialist nation on the map?
Did you forget that we are trillions in debt and the number is only climbing?
Did you forget that this country is made of small businesses that are losing ground daily because of government involvement?

So my point is: let's get all bent out of shape, protest and send nasty tweets to a cause that is worth fighting!

*I would love your comments, but I am not here to debate*

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