Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

I have a lot to say and a little time to type it {yawn}... so here we go:

The other day, my phone started making noise (I can't remember if it was a call, text, email, twitter, instagram, facebook...) and I was ignoring it.  I was playing with Emma Kate.  Annabelle came running from the other room, got the phone and brought it to me.

Another day, she she came around the corner "talking" on her play phone with a plastic coffee mug in her hand.

Is that what I look like to her?

I just can't do it anymore.  I need to disconnect, I need to make these little babes the center of my attention.  The twitter, facebook, instagram, blogging, etc can all wait until they are gone.  I have them for a short 5 years before school starts.  Then I only have them for another even shorter 13 years.

I just feel like there is, sometimes, this popularity contest to have a big blog.  To have a rocking handmade store.  To be super crafty.  To have lots of followers on various social media outlets, to make money, to have comments.

If I can be so honest, I sometimes get caught up in it.  And I just can't do it anymore.  I stay at home to raise babies, not to just write something for your sweet ladies to read.  I can't be on twitter looking for funny retweets.  I need to be playing with dolls and changing diapers.  The dolls diapers- and peoples, I guess.

Maybe I'm a bad time manager.  I have a short 2 to 2 1/2 hours of naptime in the afternoon when they both nap.  I have house work that needs to get done.  I need to vaccuum {read: dog that sheds white fur and baby that crawls and is part goat}, I need to work on my business that i started.  I need to microwave my coffee and finish it.  Sometimes, just sometimes, I need to sit down and have a quiet thought.  Maybe these women who seem to do it all are just better at time management.  Maybe they have a cook, a nanny, a maid and a personal assistant that pays the bills for them.  Can I borrow one?  Just one, for one day.  Please.

Am I complaining about my life, no way.  I love staying with these girls and seeing their first.  Being the one that picks them up when they fall, holding them when they are super sad or just need a snuggle.  But I am saying, I just can't do it all.  That's all.

Am I saying these things are wrong?  No.  Am I saying that these women that have amazing blogs and a large following are not doing a good thing?  No way.  Am I saying that they have their priorities out of whack?  I don't know, that is for them to answer.  And I for sure am NOT going to answer for them.

So here is to my week- may it be full of bubbles, laughing, kissing, reconnecting, snuggling and maybe some husband make out time.  Cheers!

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