Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Tuesday... maybe.

So I try to stay away from discussing politics for may reasons.  One of which I don't know enough to hold a conversation.  When people start talking politics, I shut up and listen.  My director for Mary Kay is really into politics, she can discuss with the best of them.  It's a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because I can call her and ask her a question and get the full answer.  A curse because I sometimes lose motivation to research myself when I can ask her to easily.

Her philosophy, I've raised my kids.  You are raising kids and on a tight budget.  Let me go and protest in DC and petition at breakfasts.  My generation will do the leg work, you stay at home, raise your babies and save all your pennies so you can do it to, one day.

You see, she was in the health care industry way before she joined the pink world and she told me that many many moons ago, it was flaud- even then.  

However, when I asked her about the health care bill, I knew that I needed to do some homework.  Surely it couldn't be as bad as she was telling me.  It scared me, I mean really scared me.  What are we in for?  Well, just watch....

So now what?  The congressman put it so well, what about those 15%?  What about the 85% that are going to be left high and dry?  I don't think that anyone is arguing that we need to change some things, to make SOME changes.  But here's the thing... if you make a penny over the cap that they set, you will be forced to buy a health care plan.  A plan that the government is FORCING the health care business to make.  So what does that mean?  It means that your plan now that cost $X per month through your employer, is now going to cost you $XX now.  Let's talk real money.  Your family (of four with no major health complications) pays $300 per month for health insurance now.  After this, your income is over let's say $40K per year.  The cut of of income for your family size is $39k per year.  You now no longer qualify for the government plan and you will have to buy your own and it will now cost you $600 per month.
*These are all examples.  I don't know the exact numbers.
What else?  So Joe Smith who owns a cleaning company.  He has 30 employees that he pays minimum wage, for conversation sake, he pays them a little over.  They work full time and he even lets them work over time for some extra cash.  He does not have health insurance for his people.  He will now have to, with this bill, pay a "tax" of $2,000 per year per employee OR pay for insurance that will cost him $3600(guesstimated) per year.  So Joe, who is struggling already (like most small business owners) will have to come up with either $60,000 for the tax OR $108,000 for insurance for his employees.

What happens to Joe's business now?  Do you think that Joe is has an extra $60k in his budget?  Or do you think that he has the $108k for his people?  No way.  I'm sure that if he did, he would totally be giving benefits!!  He will either have to cut half of his people so that he can afford their the tax or the benefits BUT most likely he will be FORCED TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS and now 30, well 31, people are out of work.  Joe is out of business and this is, unfortunately going to be the reality.
Now we have 31 people waiting in line at the unemployment line, wic line, welfare......

Want another one?  Medicare.  Our grandparents all have it.  What is it?  Its a government assisted health care supplement plan.  My grandparents had it for after blue cross paid their part, medicare stepped in and helped out with the rest.
This will be gone.  They sent out their letters but our president did a Friday night bill and got the renewal letters to be put on hold until after the election.  The rates are going up.  Grandma and Grandpa will no longer be able to pay for it because it will be so ungodly expensive.  Google it (omg, I got sooo side tracked on fox news.com).

I am praying for this November election.  I'm praying for our congress.  That we can get some change.  It's time for reform.  IT'S TIME.  I think that it's time to get back to our roots, back to he basics and hopefully we have some leaders rise up that will do that and get our country back on track to the great nation that it was.

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