Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey friends,
Gosh, it just felt so good to share my heart with you on Friday.  I hope that you did not laugh at me, it was really hard to share but I just really felt like I was lead to to do so!  Then on Sunday, my church started this series called "at the movies", they pulled lesson's from the movie "money ball", next week, “social networking”.  I'm really excited.  But guess what the message was about... perseverance- ha!  Oh course.  The major thing that I took away was not asking God to get me out of this situation but rather asking him for the courage to persever through it.  OUCH.  I can not tell you how many times I ask the Lord to get us through this season.  We cant be in a harvest all the time, right?  But he also talked about how this season could be a rough one, maybe for the marriage, family life, job, fertility and on and on and on.  He talked about how seasons are but a vapor, they are so short and how we go through these rough seasons so that they can build perseverance and we can encourage others who may go through it later.  In those moments, we can point to God and tell them that He is the one that got us through it and showed us how He parted the sea or fed us the manna.

Enjoying some alone time with momma and daddy
I thought of different people I know and the life that they have.  How they may have one thing down but surely they struggle in other areas.  They may have their financials straight, but really all they want is to stay at home with their children.  Or they are having a rough time in their marriage, or all they want is for their husband to be home for dinner a few nights a week and not traveling for work all the time.  Or they may not get pregnant easily, or they can but they keep miscarrying.  Or they may have a child across the pond that they are working so hard to get home and complete their forever family.  Or they have sick parents.  I could go on and on and on, but I think that you get the point.
"helping" me vaccuum.
I realized sitting there in church that I have been praying for God to get us out of the season.  What I need to be praying is for my perseverance to endure this season.  That is will be a blessing to someone, some time, some how.  
oh my!  That twinkle in her eye!
Annabelle went to Charlotte on Friday.  I met up with one of my sister’s boyfriend, uncle Ark (Mark) and he took her on to Charlotte.  She is getting spoiled rotten {read; shopping, attention, tons of snacks, whatever her little heart desires and exactly when she asks}.  I am really love this time that she is having with them.  I have very clear memories of spending the weekend with my grandmother and I would not trade it for anything.  I want that for my girls!  They need it, their grandparents need it. I'm thankful that they stick to our schedule and the only problems I had last time was adjusting her back to sharing and not having undivided attention.  I know, real serious toddler problems, right?!?!   Saturday, Frank got up at his usual 4:30am and went to work.  Emma Kate and I slept until 10!!!  Frank asked me what we did all day when he got home.  I told him I really didn’t want to answer that.. hehe!!  It has been so nice and super easy having just one baby to take care of.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been a really nice break :)  My family has been texting pictures all weekend, so here we go:

My dad hired AB as his new admin assistant!
big tub all to herself!
Shopping with her aunts turned out to be a huge blessing (and super fun!)!
snacks, fruit, yummy food and lots of attention!!
playing in her new shoes!
Oh, my baby!

Happy Monday friends!  I hope your day is sucessful and productive- however you measure it!

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