Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not so wordless Wednesday

Frank is off on Tuesdays.  It's a nice break from the mundane of day to day, it's suppose to be a sabbath.  But life happens and it usually gets filled with errands, random things that he needs to get done.  There is something about Tuesdays, I just can't get it together.  I don't know what it is.  I can't seem to get it together to take AB outside to run around and torment Dallas, I can't get my house straightened up.  I can't get my kitchen table cleared off, for real that drives me BONKERS!!  But tomorrow is a new day!

I did get my Mary Kay website up and running!!  Ordering business cards today PLUS also, I'm hosting my  first girls night in.  Pedi's and facials at my house!  I'm really looking forward to it and hoping that it will be a good turn out.  At least my house will get cleaned, right?  I'll try to remember to take some photos :)

I have been sworn to secrecy right now, but there are some VERY exciting things going on right now in our home that we are not quite ready to share, but when the Mr. gives me the okay, I will be sharing asap!!

So here are the photos for wordless Wednesday!
The day we brought Emma Kate home from the hospital.

AB this time last year.

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