Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday friends!

I don't know about you, but we had a GREAT weekend.  Frank works on Saturday and then church on Sunday mornings mixed with nap times, it doesn't normally give us much family play time.  Well, this weekend we went to church on Saturday night, and I'm hooked!  By the way, we will never sit with the Ferrell's again, her husband is a trip and had Frank crying most of the service.  Just kidding, we love Bonnie and company!

So Friday, we had a big envelope show up in our mailbox addressed to the little lady of the house.  We opened it and it was a picture with a note from nanna!!!  A kitty none of the less.  You better believe this little lady was happy about that.  She walks up to the fridge and points and says "nanna" and makes cat noises.  Precious.

Nanna, we love it when we get mail!!
On Sunday we headed to the water park, Splash Island, with our friends.  Oh my word.  We had to much fun!!  Frank is not a big fan of the water but he even had a blast.  Since the Pate's have a new baby and needed to nap, we just took turns hanging out in the shade with Emma Kate and baby G.  I don't think that the toddlers or the parents stopped.  We came home just in time for our typical summer thunderstorm.  What a great nap!!
Emma Kate taking a break.
This was our cue that it was time to head home.
After naptime, Frank found him a sous chef and they started making gumbo.  Oh my.  It was so sweet.  Annabelle was doing great until they started chopping onions and she was eating them by the fist full, she then got kicked out of the kitchen- haha!  The gumbo was so good.  I left for a little bit to go to a baby shower but got home for the gumbo to be sorta still warm.  Amazing.  

Starting prep.

peeling garlic.

Frank, thank you for cooking!  It was awesome to have the "night off" and I didn't even mind that you trashed the kitchen!

After this weekend, I'm ready for this week... so bring it!  I have a few skin care and color appointments this week that I'm excited about.  If you would like to get an appointment, email me and we will work out a time!!

Happy Monday friends!

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