Thursday, August 16, 2012

She's here, she's here!!

Frank left us.  He high tailed it to Nicaragua for the week but if you are a creepo don't think about coming over because he left me with a loaded gun and i'm not afraid to use it he left me prepared, just in case.  Emily, my sister, came and stayed with us for a few days to hang out with me and the girls and we officially called it our "sister week" we each had a sister to hang out with.  If you had read anything around here, you know how I feel about the woman.  If not, then I will keep this short, I LOVE HER!  When you have been through as much as we have been through it's really hard to not love someone so much and to trust them so mightly.

So the morning that she was arriving, I told AB that Aunt Em was going to be here, this is how she spent most of the day:

EK and Dallas didn't care as much- until she got here and that pup went NUTS!!
We finally couldn't take the anticipation anymore so we went to the grocery store.  This was a first- them riding in the "car"

Emily finally arrives and the first fight EVER breaks out with my girls, over the buckets on Aunt Em's work bag.

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This is after the second fight... over the phone.  Clearly AB won because she is bigger.  But she wanted to be like Em and wear her purse and talk on the phone.

The next morning, Emily needed to check some work things on her computer, AB apparently needed to check her email also- at least that is what she told us as she found the laptop and opened it and "started typing" banged on the keys.

Most of the nights were spent like this:

Oh AB, I want to be like Emily too!!
Side note:  I do not pose my kids!!

bath time with Aunt Em, is there anything more fun?  No.
We played outside, went to the sprinklers and just hung out.

Note to self:  Tone arms starting immediately!

True story:  We heard the ice cream truck and we literally ran outside and waited for him for like 20 minutes.  He never came.

Emily has a serious sweet tooth that she is teaching AB.  Boo.

they are like dunkaroo's- remember those?
Apparently, EK has leared to climb up the back of the couch.

She has now left us and that explains my absense.  I picked up some goodies at the habitat store and can't wait to start working on it.  I will for sure be taking pictures to document this project.  I'm praying it turns out cute!!

Much love,

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