Monday, September 3, 2012

Ah, sorry friends.  I hope that you are still there.  If not, then I understand.  

There has been so much going on!!  So do you remember when I said that we have some things on the horizon and I didn't have permission to share yet?  Well, I do now :)

Here is what is going on:
Frank got the 2nd year intership and is now on staff at the best church in the world! seacoast.  I am so proud of him!

He also got all his ducks in order (all by himself), got his GI bill activated, registered at school and started.  He was accepted to the Citadel and will hopefully start there in the next few semesters.  

I'm so so proud of him and he's finally doing what he loves and going to school for something that he finds interesting and just "gets".

So this leaves us ladies home and missing him lots.  Works all day, comes home and scarfs dinner down and then heads to night school.

If you were thinking babies:  No.  My plate is so beyond full that we don't need to add to it right now.  

Last week was crazy!

EK woke up the other morning and her eye was SO swollen.  Like the bridge of her nose wasn't there anymore.  
I took her to the Dr. and they said to just watch it.  I dropped her off at a friends house so Frank and I could have a meeting with no kids.  When she woke up from her nap it was worst!!  The swelling was going to the other side of her nose.  Long story short, I ended up taking her to urgant care at like 8 that night.  They were worried about cellulitis and gave her some meds.  The next morning she looked better and then the next day it was back to normal.

The day after all of this, the girls and I went to charlotte to visit my parents.  No reason but to just visit.  The girls always get spoiled out of their little minds and I enjoy just hanging out and drinking a beer with my dad in his office.

Visiting Aunt tootie for lunch.
I love this photo of them.  He walks so slow with her.  Just like he did when I was little.  He tells her what all the things are around her and to look for traffic.  You can really see, but she is holding his index finger and then he wrapped his other fingers around her hand.  He use to do this to me when I was little and it made me miss him then.

The house that I grew up in.
When you go to your grandparents, your aunt makes you dinner and you eat it infront of the TV- watching the backyardagins; Duh.

This always happens.  I get my car cleaned and they pull it off the line for extra extra vaccuuming and cleaning.  I'm sorry and I hope my ridiculous tip showed that i know how bad it was.  One friend said "you could feed a whole African tribe with all the crackers that were in there."

At your grandparents you pick tomatoes off the vine and eat them without washing them.  Thankfully they grow organic.

And grandmother (her great grandmother) has a love affair with frappachino's and is a sucker that won't say "no".  Lucky girl, I was drooling.

We made it back to Charleston just in time for our friends suprise 30th birthday.  EK helped herself to the left over cupcakes she kept finding.

Then Carson (my youngest sister, also know at Tootie) came with her hubby for a quick visit and a wedding.  It was so nice to have them and she makes my life easier.  AB is in love with her and EK would not flirting with her uncle.  Uncle Will likes to "pick" on my girls like their daddy does.  After they gave EK a lemon and a lime they then stuck crayons in her hair.  She thought it was a hoot.

I hope that you are enjoying your labor day, yankee holiday.  We should be pool crashing somewhere and relaxing.  Last years labor day I cleaned for 1/2 of the day and then went into labor.  How fitting :)  

Upcoming events in our home:
EK's birthday
AB's birthday
Girls weekend trip (I'm jumping up and down with joy!)


Emily Fox said...

Love you and your sweet family!!

Stacie Gregory said...

Such great news about Frank! Yay! And glad EK is doing so much better! That's so scary!

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