Thursday, September 6, 2012

She's 1!!

Happy Birthday Emma Kate!

I can not believe that you are one!  Where has this last year gone?  You bring so much joy to our family.  Even birthing you was easy (I'm not kidding- you practically walked out!).  I just can't imagine our family without you!  You are the highlights of conversation in the car, you are the one that gets "hushed" more than anyone (by AB of course), you are the life of the party and an absolute joy.
Our first photo together.  Look how sweet you were!
AB loves you so much!  Until like a week ago, you guys got along so well.  Mostly because you take her toys, get in her space and yell at her.  She doesn't like it.  Ha!  She has fed you, burped you, held you and even tried to nurse you!
She is your best friend.  I will teach you to fight for each other, to stand up for each other.  You two have something that no one else in this world has, you have a bond that is so close that no one will seperate.  

Meeting for the first time.

Sweet girl, I just can not believe what a year has given us.  You overcame your acid reflux like a champ, you sucked me dry nursing and have loved fiercely this year.  You love to snuggle, and I don't mind one bit.  You loved to nurse and I wish so baldy that I worked harder to do it longer.  You love to be held, I think mostly so you can see more of what is going on.  You HATE to be left out.  You HATE that you can't walk yet and get really frustrated.  You were the same way before you started to crawl.
You yell at me all the time.  You do it when you are happy, when you are mad, when you just need attention.  I really don't mind and come to appreciate our form of communication.  I love that when you are on a mission and crawling to get here, you "bulldoze" over anything in your way to get there.

I absolutely love this photo of you!
 EK, you love your daddy!  When he gets home you book it to the door to meet him.  If you are in your highchair, you will yell at him until he comes over to kiss you.  You love for him to hold you and play with you.  You don't take your eyes off him if he is near.  When he sis playing with AB, you just stare and have a wild look if your eye.
Don't worry, the feeling is mutual.  You know when daddy looks at you and this is done with dinner?  It's because he is twitterpated.  It means, he is so in love with you that he loses his appetite.  You'll understand one day.  He is so smitten by your cuteness, your sweetness, your ability to belly laugh and your sense of humor. He loves that you don't push him away or sass him.

snuggle time

 You are the biggest goof ball of a baby!!!  Look at you!  You are the life of the party and never met a stranger.  

Just in the last few weeks that it has hit me how big you are!  The other week, we went to the water park for a play date.  You sat there in chair eating your snack, drinking your water and asking me for more!  I refrained from tearing up.  I guess in my mind, I still think that you are an infant that needs to eat every 3 hours.  You have also started feeding yourself your meals in the last few weeks.  YOU ARE SO MESSY!  Just the other day i was on my hands and knees at a restaurant cleaning up under your high chair it was so bad!

That is cinnamon toast in your hand.  
You are so wiggly, this is how we have to bath you.

 Baby dedication:
You and me babe with a photo bomb by aunt em!
Baby dedication May 2012

I love you sweet girl!  I can not wait for this next year to watch you grow into a toddler.  I can not wait to see you start talking and walking.  I cannot wait to see how your little personality will come out more with time.  

Sweet one, I pray everyday that you will love our Maker early.  I pray that you will run as hard as you can after Him.  I pray that you will have a kind and compassionate heart and you will chase your hopes and dreams.  I love you so much sweet girl!

Happy Birthday baby!

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