Wednesday, June 15, 2011

9 months... where has it gone?

Oh sweet Annabelle, today you are 9 months old!!  Where has time gone?  I love you more than I did the moment I laid my eyes on you that first night we met.  I have more patients with you than I ever thought I would have for anyone- ever!  You make me laugh, all the time.  So here is what you are up to...

  • You are officially a crawler and the baby proofing things arrived today!  I will be working on that during nap time.  Can you try to slow down... since you became mobile, you are finding all my weaknesses in my house keeping skills.  I'm sorry!

  • You had your first ear infection 2 weeks ago and it was pathetic.  But you were a trooper and you are a-okay.
  • You weight in at 18.7 pounds.  I don't know how tall you are but you are around my knees when you are standing.
  • You talk non-stop.  You blow raspberries, say baba, momma, lala but no dada yet.  You also yell all the time.  There is nothing wrong, if fact, you do this mostly when you are happy.
  • You will fake cough to get attention.
  • You love to shop, well, I don't think it's the shopping that you like, rather the attention that people give you while we are out and the people watching that you get to do.
  • You still make the funniest faces.

  • You love your friend Caleb, we all love the Davis's at this house.  You love him except when your grandma is holding him and you get jealous.  Caleb's sweet momma and I joke that you guys are going to get married.  I love it when she watches you because she feeds you some homemade goodness that came from their garden.
Caleb and Annabelle
  • You are still eating 4 times a day and love to eat.  We had a big bump in the road with eating when you had your ear infection but are getting back to normal.  We are starting to introduce finger foods and you are really digging it.  You are liking avocado's now {grin}, apples, sweet potatoes, blueberries, strawberries and carrots (those are the finger foods that we have tried so far).
  • You sleep 12 hours a night and take 2 2 hour naps during the day.  We are working on dropping your evening nap.  
  • You love your daddy so much and when he's home, you are constantly looking for him if he's out of your sight.  You guys play non-stop.  Your favorite game is "where is annabelle?"  He piles the pillows on top of you and when you get them off he's right there in your face.  So funny!  I love hearing you belly laugh.

  • You are still obsessed with the loveys.  As I am typing this, you have somehow managed to get 3 lovey's in your crib.  I'm okay with this and I think that it's cute.  You do not care that you have so many.  They are all the same and you love them all the same.  No discrimination here in the lovey department!!
I love you sweet baby and can't wait for the next 9 months!!


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