Friday, July 1, 2011

1% change.. the hard change

So my friend Jessi is doing the 1% change over at her blog... the Robertson's are transitioning into organic eating, slowly but surely.  Tonight was surely.  I'm a city kid, I know it, I claim it and I'm trying to retrain my brain that meat doesn't come from the grocery store, it comes from a farm.  It should come from a good farm at that!

Confession:  I had never cooked a whole chicken until a few weeks ago.  Our sweet farmer friends gave us a chicken as a "thank you" for helping them process their chickens.  I was so grossed out but fulfilled my domestic duty and cooked the darn thing, and it was AWESOME!  Never looked back... until tonight....

Late this afternoon was no different, my chicken sat on the counter from a day of defrosting.  I put it in the dutch oven with all the organic goodness (carrots and new crop potatoes, yes please!).  The sweet chicken lady at the farmers market gave me a 4 lbs chicken and the label said "no gizzards!"  Well, when I cut off the vacuum seal and dropped it in the pot, something loose fell in first, I was so grossed out I didn't fish it out...
Fast forward 4 hours at 350 degrees and that bad boy came out smelling awesome!  We sat down to eat with some friends (thank GOD they were good friends and know this journey to domestic bliss has been a journey).  Frank was the last to sit down.  He started eating and picks up this piece of meat that looks like the end of a red hot dog and says "hey darlin, I have one question, what is this?" as he is poking it.  Our said friends had totally different reactions, the hubby and I were about to start gagging... the wife, she just laughs and starts snorting... in the mean time, Frank is still poking, what we later figure out is part of the liver.

So after some investigation and talk about making some PB&J's for the said friend husband and I, Frank fishes out of the pot, the liver, the neck, the gull bladder and the heart.

Frank and the wife friend are asking my why didn't I fish them out first.  I said that I didn't know you were suppose to... I really didn't!!

More mishaps to come... Enjoy!

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