Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby loot

Is everyone preggo right now?  Maybe I just notice all the preggo ladies because we all look at each other with the same look "I know you are hot and miserable, at least there is a/c where we are!".

I thought that I would write some of my favorite things that I was given as a new mom, hopefully it will help someone out!
For the newborns:
The one from the hospital is the best

Prague Market Sling
We have this and I LOVE it.  I didn't use it much with AB,
but will get more use out of it with Emma Kate!

I love these diapers, especially for the newborns!

These are the best pacifiers... every baby should use them.
Not only are they great to hush babe, but research shows that it reduces the risk of SIDS!

For the noosing mama, it feels so good!!

And lastly, the best present:
Date night babysitting coupons for the momma!

For babies:
I love this thing!!

Perfect for when you are trying to clean or do something and need babe to stay out of the way!!

Sound machines are great too!  While we try not to have sleeping props at our house, there are 3 things that these parents are okay with:  Lovey's, Paci's and sleep machines :)

Diapers, diapers diapers!!

Have fun and for the love, do not touch that momma's belly!!

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