Friday, October 21, 2011

Cloth diapering...

$50.00 bill.  That is what it took to buy one big box of size 3 diapers, one big box of new born diapers and a big box of wipes.  WITH COUPONS!
We don't have that kind of money.  So I put on my thinking cap...

~Let's start this out by saying that in no way am I an expert in this field, I'm just learning as I go~

Good, now that we got that out of the way, let's dive in:

We started cloth diapering a few months ago and my sweet friend let me borrow some of hers.  She had taken a hiatus from it and I took full advantage of her untouched stash {grin}.  I had a baby and we stopped for a week or two, but we are now in the grind of it with 2 babes in those cloth diapers.

So many people have asked me what we do and our routine... this is what works for us, but everyone has to find their grove.  It's a big commitment, so find what works and stick to it.

These are the diapers that are currently in our pile:

GoGreen Diapers (they are pocket diapers)

Bunz 'n Roses

Flip diapers (they are insert diapers):
Flip Cloth Diaper Cover & Stay-Dry Insert

Bum genius (pocket diapers):
bumGenius Elemental<br />One-Size Cloth Diaper

G diapers (insert diapers):
sweet bundle with gCloth

Tri-folds with thirsties babe covers:

Check them our here.

First, before you do anything, make sure that both parents (and care giver, is applicable) are all on board, if not, then one person is going to be doing a lot of work!

When we change the babe, we have a diaper container that was given to us (normally used for disposables) and we take it apart and put the dirty diaper in there.  

  • If there is poop, then flush whatever will drop off the diaper.  
  • If it is wet, then the wipe goes in the trash can.
When I put a new liner in the said pail, I take an old wash cloth and get it fully wet and rung out with vinegar.  I then sprinkle scented oil on the wash cloth and put in the bottom on the liner... on wash day you will be super thankful you did!!

We also have these awesome really thin paper like liners that we put on the girls between the diaper and the skin.  It keeps most of the poop off the diaper.

I wash them all together on warm water and line dry.
When I wash all the diapers, I first do a rinse cycle, then wash a regular washing cycle with soap.

Different diapers you can dry in the dryer others you can't. 
I just line dry all of them to make it easier on myself.  And no, I do not wash them every day!  About every other day, maybe 2 days.  

My favorite diapers (that is what everyone wants to know and everyone has an opinion, so here is mine):

  • I LOVE the gogreen diapers.  They are the best for my oldest.  They have EXCELLENT customer service that responds super fast.  While they are not local to me, they are a small company in CO.  They also are the best for your money... around $8-$10 per diaper.  They do not work very well on my newborn... proof is in the laundry!

  • I also LOVE the flip diapers for when we are at home.  They are super easy as you leave the cover on and just change the liner.  Covers work great on both babes!

  • I like the bum genius diapers but feel like they are a little over priced.  If you can find them on sale or at a consignment store, then yes, get it.

  • For My newborn, I love the thirsties baby covers and we use a tri-fold liner.  I know it's old school, but these are not the Gerber kind and they actually work.  They have these cool "Y" shaped hooks to hold it together.  

  • Gdiapers... I do not like them.  They are at the bottom of the pile and are used only when I wait too long to wash :(  They leak all the time.  They were part of the stash that I borrowed.  My said friend had the same problem and through that it was because she had a boy... not the case.  I even youtubed it to make sure I was putting it on right.  Yes, they are the easiest to find, but it will make you jump off the band wagon really fast out of frustration!

Wet Bags:

I made mine and there are some great tutorials online.  The one that I used, didn't turn out the way that I wanted it too, I will be making mine over when I get a chance.  But I love making them because you can pick out exactly what you want!  If you can sew, don't be intimidated by the zipper, if I can do it, you can do it!  If you are, then email me and I'll make it for you!

Tried and true, right here.  Tried to save some money and made it ourselves.  Well Frank made it.  It was horrible.  I did what our pre-marital counselor told us, I fed him, let him take a nap and sent him in there... Still he got frusterated.  The actual cost was about $3 cheaper than the ones you can buy and hook up.  But that $3 savings was NOT WORTH IT... just break down and buy the thing!!

In the short month that we have started, we have broken even.  So go and do it and save some muh-lah!!


Mary said...

Marissa Joycehere... 6 weeks to go til our little one gets here! We are planning to use cloth diapers after the first month. SO- I have a few questions! (if you don't mind)
1- how many diapers should I get if I just have one? I have NO idea.
Do you just use a diaper genie to store the diapers?
Also, not to sound dumb, but what IS a sprayer?

They call me Mrs. Robertson said...

I'm so excited about your little one!!

They say that you should have enough diapers for 2 days per child. Newborns, on average, go through 8-10 diapers per day. I have had friends (who have good luck) win a lot of their diapers. I don't win, so I had to buy. They giveaways on their blogs, websites and sorts... get on facebook and "like" every baby thing that you can find... it will pay off with discount codes and giveaway announcements they give you, etc.

I have the arm and hammer diaper storage thing. I like it better than the diaper genie. But yes, that will work just fine. I just tear open the bag when I wash and let it all fall in the machine.

There are no dumb questions because 3 months ago, I had no idea what any of this stuff was!

A sprayer hooks up to the toilet and you literally spray the diaper to get the poop off. Ours leaks, so I have to do the rinse cycle first before I wash them. I don't think that i do, but it makes me feel better.

You will also have to "strip" your diapers at some point b/c they will lose the absorbancy... i have not had to do it yet, but there are directions online.

Good luck!!

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