Monday, December 19, 2011


And we are alive! I know I only had like 3 readers and they most likely left because I have not written in like 3 months.  Buckle up and here we go...

We moved back to Charleston and it feels so good!  We were suppose to buy a house in Awendaw that was super cute and had been working on the whole thing since July.  It fell apart at the last minute in underwriting.  We were devastated.  I rarely have those "God moments" that everyone talks about, but I had one where the clouds parted and I heard VERY clearly from Him and it was beautiful.  I will write more about this later.

We were staying with a friend that generously let us stay with her for way longer than she should have.  Long story short, we were frantically looking for a place to stay because the said friend was closing on her house!  Thank goodness God had bigger plans and literally saved the day when we found our little abode to lay our heads for the next season.  We will regroup next summer and start over in the house buying process, maybe, if it's HIS timing this time!

Annabelle:  Oh that little joker is on the verge of walking and just adorable as usual!  She chipped her two front teeth thanksgiving weekend.  It was horrible and I had nightmares about DSS meeting us at the dentist to talk about it.  The next week she got 5th disease or slap cheek syndrome.  A quick traumatizing trip to urgent care and we were sent home with orders to let her sleep, give lots of snuggles and tylonal.  She's fine now.  She is talking up a storm and makes me laugh on a regular basis!  Right now she is in a Momma phase.  I don't mind it, it's a first!

Emma Kate:  That little one looks like her daddy and I feel like I birthed my mother in law!  She is just so little and FINALLY a happy baby!  After some serious test, it was just acid reflux and creviced everyday helps make our lives a little more dry and my babe a little more happy!  She loves to lay on her mat and just kick up a storm and swing in her swing.  Just last week she started belly laughing.  It only happened that one time so far it was precious.  Weird, I was on the potty when it happened and the same with annabelle.  Frank was talking to her and out of nowhere it happened.  AB chimed in and started saying "HEEEEYYYYY"... precious!  That girl loves to smile and to be held.  She would be held all day if she could.  I think that she is going to be a momma's girl, I don't mind!  Nursing is going all right, I guess.  It's a daily battle to keep strong about it and to be diligent about not supplementing.  I'm thankful for the encouragement that i have around me and the women that are cheering me along!!  Thank you ladies!

Frank:  That man has some work ethic!  He works so hard, does his internship at the church and still makes time for us Robertson women!  I'm so proud of him and so thankful to have him as a leader of this family!

Dallas:  Finally got his yard.

Me:  Wife, yoga clothes wearing, laundry folder, dishwasher loader, unpacking, over committed and super thankful momma that is lucky if a shower happens twice a week- sorry frank!

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Ashley said...

Four forgot to count me... ha ha. So glad your back I just love reading your blog! Your honest writing and love for your family make my heart smile!

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