Monday, January 30, 2012

Chosen... part 2

Hey ladies... I hope that you found some encouragement from my horrible rendition of the AWESOME conference that I went to.  I'm going to TRY to share more of what I learned.... so give me some grace, okay?  Okay.

So I talked about how I learned about not changing my men, right?  Well, here is what else I learned about marriage:

  • A wise women builds her home, and a wise man builds up his wife.  (dreams of fab date nights dance in my head!!)
  • You do not build a healthy marriage/ kids by accident
  • When you mess up in front of your kids, own it.  Apologize to them... ouch!
  • Don't use your strengths to point out each others weaknesses (let me spell conviction!)
  • What we justify, we buy.
  • What we don't forgive, we WILL repeat.
  • Marriage = Power union and produce life.
  • We expect our husbands to be Jesus... so not fair!
  • Build our kids with our words.
  • Man is anointed to give structure, women is anointed to give nurture.
  • Man guards the house, the women guards the hearts.
  • Satan will not attack the church itself, he will attack your marriage, parenting and all those super private things that you hide.
  • When a man finds a wife, he gets a treasure and finds favor with God.

My gracious... I don't even know where to start.  I have written about marriage and how hard it is... but with this charge, I feel like this is a life time of a list to work on!  I am thrilled with the charge that was given and hope for the future.  A reminder that I need to be praying for my husband daily.  To work on a healthy marriage, it's the only way that it will flourish.  To act like the treasure that I am.  To make it easier for Frank to be thankful for me.
I feel like our parenting has a purpose, direction.  To remember that we are eternally focused, to not just survive.  To pray over these little ladies, everyday.  To talk about Jesus and all that He has done for us, everyday.  To talk about the future with them and ask them questions.  Questions about their hopes and dreams.

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