Monday, January 30, 2012

My ladies...

So let's talk about the little ladies....
Oh they are just precious and growing like little weeds!!!

Let's start with Emma Kate:

Oh this little precious babe... she is growing like a little weed and just as precious as ever!  I stopped nursing last week.  I did a ugly, messy cry in the shower and moved forward.  I did my best and that is all I could do.  We went in for a wellness check up; she weighed in at 12.14 lbs. (25%) and in the 75% for her height.  Long and lean, have you met her daddy?

Her acid reflux is somewhat better.  We stopped the medication for 2 reasons.  1.  It was WAY too expensive.  2.  She puked the same as she did on or off.
She is FINALLY sleeping through the night.  We are 3 nights in of 12 hours of sleep... now if I can get use to it and stop going in there to make sure she is okay!
She smiles non stop and has so much to say!  I love her soft little voice and could listen to it all day!  When she smiles, she does it with her whole face and she puts her hands into her mouth... precious!  She has great head control and her hand-eye cordination is getting better everyday.  She can grab a paci from my hand and get it to get mouth area... not bad.  She is starting to try to roll over.


What a great big sister!!  She is totally into the mommy thing right now.  She changes her lovey's diaper and nurses him all the time.  She also pushes him around in her play stroller.  She loves to play with my phone.  I have apps just for her and she knows how to get to it and play them... ahh, she is going to know more than me when she is in kindergarden!!  She currently knows where her toes, eyes, ears, hair, mouth, teeth, nose and hands are.  She is an AMAZING dancer and has a dance party on the table quit frequently.  She is always saying new words and knows what she is saying, there are a few that i have know clue what it is, but she does.
New words (I know what they are, but the random lady at the store would not understand her):

  • thirsty
  • hungry
  • blanket
  • movie
  • paci
She uses hungry and thirsty interchangeably and also uses them to stall or to get out of bed... grrrr!!

She weighs in at 24lbs (25%) and was in the 75% for height... haha!  And wears 12-18 month clothes.  She currently has her 4 front teeth, her top 2 molars.  Her bottom 2 front teeth and the 2 bottom molars.  She is teething and last time I got the courage to feel around in there, the tooth next to the front center was coming in.

We have all been super sick, so her appetite has been less than desirable lately... pray for us!  Both babes are on medication.


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