Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have to tell you something and it's not good.  Well, the story is bad, then it gets worst but then ends on a better note, ready?

Okay, so I was getting ready today.  Annabelle was walking around getting into everything, including the space heater in the bathroom (ask my husband, I don't know).  I was drying my hair and brushed it out and thought, "Abbey, you have boring hair, you should have bangs." 

What was I thinking, I have not had bangs since 3rd grade... and I always had bed head bangs at that.  Bad.  Really bad.

So with AB playing under my feet, I got her giraffe comb, brushed my bangs forward and put the rest in a pony tail.  I used my sewing scissors and pulled down and cut... when I surveyed the situation, panic happened.  Sheer panic.


I frantically had two friends to call.  One just gave birth yesterday (insert curse), so I called the other.  Couldn't get through (curse again), start frantically text her hubby.  She texts me and I tell her what happened and beg her to fix it, I send her the above picture.  She said she couldn't do it but to drop off Annabelle and go and get it fix.

I throw clothes on the kids (curse myself for not dressing them earlier) and called the salon across the street from said friend.  

While I was calling them I was driving like a mad women, I was rehearsing what I would say to a cop if he pulled me over.  What if it was a woman that pulled me over, even better... surely she would understand the crisis at hand.

In the mean time, I texted the said picture to my hubby (who hates short hair and change).  He calls me and is laughing like a darn hyena and threatened to come to the salon to just laugh at me.

I sat down and the stylist just covers her mouth in disbelief.

She fixes the situation on my head.  And she doesn't charge me... I think it was Emma.

Go to church and get compliments!


Side note, they just reset all the stats... will you just take a second and vote for us??

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