Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Abbey...

If I could go back and tell myself what I know now, this is what I would say....

Young Abbey don't your worry about those mean girls in jr. high.  They will have a lame lives later and will not be nearly as glamorous as they think and tell you that it will be.

Don't worry about where you are going to live, you will end up living at the beach and be so happy there.

Soak in as much of your momma as you can.  Learn from her and write down her recipes, you will not have her forever.

All those boys that you have had crushes on, they are lame compared to the man you are going to marry, so don't even worry about them paying you attention.

Those other boys, they may seem like fun in the moment, but there are going to break your heart and leave you so empty inside.  You will have to tell your husband about it and it will be so painful.

You will drive a minivan before you are 30.  Be okay with this.

You will have two beautiful girls back to back.  They will rock your world.  You will stay home with them and you will love them more than you ever thought possible.

Cling to your Maker for dear life.  He will provide for you, wipe your tears and give you more than you could ask for or imagine.  Thank Him regularly.

All those dreams you have about a career and a fab life, it will be fabulous, but just not how you thought. It will instead be filled with play dates, akward fitting clothes for a few years and so much joy that you sometimes think it might all be a dream.

Maw Maw will remain one of your best friends until the day she dies.  Treasure her more than you do.  She really is as cool as you think!  This relationship is not normal and it's okay to think that other people are weird because they are not super close to their grandma.

That dad of yours that drives you bonkers, remember he is a person to.  He saw a lot and has been through a lot.  Give him some grace.  He will be here for you in some majors ways and pick up the pieces when your heart is so broken you can barely breath.

You know how you always wanted a big dog?  Well, you will have one and he will eat all your shoes, the flooring of the laundry room and anything that is left on the floor or table, ever!  Dad was right, stick to the fish!

Stop cutting your hair.  You are not a stylist nor will you ever be one.  I'm serious!

Emily will still be your best friend when you are an adult.  You will love her way more than you ever thought possible.

You will go through seasons of depression, it's okay.  You will come out of it and be a better person for it.  Don't' worry little Abbey, you will be able to encourage other mommas who are going through the same thing!

When you are older, you will worry.  Not of the cool clothes that you think you need, but of the little people that you made.  You will worry yourself sick.  You will sneak into their room at night just to watch them breath.  It's not weird, it's your divine right.

Those girls that are so flaky, don't worry about them.  One day, you will have the best friends you could ever ask for.  They will love you more than you thought was possible.  They will love your babes and your husband also.  They will fight for you, cry with you, laugh hard with you and cook you dinner after you give birth.

Little Abbey, you stick to what your heart says.  Don't let the world let that sensitive heart become hard when you get older.  It will try, but let people in once in a while.  It will be okay to cry in public, don't be embarrassed.

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