Saturday, January 28, 2012

You are chosen... part one.

So last week my church held a women's conference called Chosen.  To say that it was amazing is an understatement!  The women that planned it, spoke and sold there things at the boutique did an OUTSTANDING job.  I can not wait for 2013!!  Each night when I got home, Frank would ask how it went and I just could not gather my thoughts to tell him.  I felt the Lord move in places in my heart that were just numb.

Can I tell you about it?  You should grab a cup of coffee... go!

The Lord just really encouraged my heart the whole 2 days.  There were women who had lots of little children that spoke and told funny stores about when their babes were little.  They told about how poor they were, and how they could barely pay the bills or would fight like cats and dogs with their husbands.  They talked about picking up your cross and telling others about him... at the playground or the lady at check out that you see each week.  It was encouraging me to know that I'm not the only momma out there that gets frustrated or ugly cries in the shower because of "x,y and z"

While the whole conference wasn't about "lets hold hands and talk about how hard life is", it was about arising in the Lord and stepping up to the calling that you have.  It was amazing to see these women from all over the country sharing in their journey to get to where they were and looking outward.  Not at themselves, but at the need and meeting it.

Lisa Brevere spoke on Thursday and Friday night and did a breakout session on Friday morning.  She shared some basics, but there were hard to swallow...

  • Be difined by who you are, not for what you are against.
  • Men and women are not against each other, but together.  Arise through letting men being men and women being women.
  • Train your children, not your man.
  • Be present and alert.
  • We are made to be free so we can be free in His freedom!
  • The Lord loves to make you face what you fear because it makes you fearless (insert ugly cry)
Lisa went on to talk about how we as women need to stop trying to train our husbands and let them be men.  We need to work on ourselves first and when we do that  and build our house, it will pull our men out of boyhood and into manhood.  They already have a momma, they don't need another one.  
She also talked abut how as women we are targets and the best way to get to our husbands is through the wife.  We need to be on constant guard because the enemy is constantly looking for ways to attack our life, marriage and family.
Women today are finally banning together and writing chapters on virtue and what can be done when we ban together for his kingdom.
She challenged us to get a mentor, to be a mentor and start encouraging each other.

So obviously she did a way better job, that is why she is paid the big bucks and speaks and writes books.

What I took away:
Step it up.  I am a chosen women!  Yes, I have a lot on my plate right now, but it was already written that this would happen.  I need to stop looking at myself and what I need, but rather looking at other women and seeing what they need and offering to assist.

My action plan:
Love on that hubby just a little more.  Love on these babes a little more.  Be on the look out for people who need some encouragement while we are out and about.  To get involved with a cause.  There are so many and it's really hard to not get caught up in the "a little here and a little there".  I want to pick one and stick to it.  All the resources into one pot.

Of course my babes got sick over the weekend so we have been home bound to get better.

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