Monday, January 23, 2012

That shirt...

Do you have "that shirt"? It's the one that your favorite.  It's never in the drawer because it's always coming out of the dryer.  You would NEVER wear it in public because there are holes in the arms!

I do.  It's my long sleeve t-shirt from high school.  From FCA, fellowship of cristian athletes.  I laugh at it now.  There was nothing good coming from it, but I needed some things on my transcripts to make me look good.  Colleges didn't care about my drama at home, they cared about my grades and I was hoping that some clubs would make up for my lack of good grades.

When I got this shirt, about 12 years ago, it was so stiff and big.  Had you told me what I would be doing 12 years later in that shirt I would have freaked out!  I was going to be a lawyer or something super important with an office and work I had to do at home because I just could not get it all done during the day... haha!  I want to punch that Abbey in the face!

My white FCA shirt, it now has hot pink pain on it.  Bad relationship + a bad fight + a trip to lowes = hot pink bathroom.  I'm not kidding.  Me and my shirt broke up with that bad relationship.

I got married.  I think that my sweet husband had in mind what his future wife would wear to bed at night and it did not included a worn out t-shirt from high school.  He got over it He just makes fun of me now about what I wear to bed.

Now you ask, I just thew it in the laundry, I got puked on- again.  It is held onto, tight.  My babes cling to it as they are rocked, fed, burped or held as I walk around the house.  Annabelle "helps" fold it.  Dallas wants to lay on it.

I love this shirt.  It's so comforting.  I think that my kids don't mind the stains from the past.  They just know the softness of today.

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