Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lesson of the week.

A few years ago, Frank and I moved into an apartment and were forced into what we thought, at the time, was real adulthood.  We had to buy a washing machine and dryer.  haha, that made me laugh.  I was leasing apartments at the time (and with out totally violating this guys privacy) let's just say that we inherited his washing machine!!!  It was free and totally legal and he said it was okay.  What a blessing.  At the same time, we had a contest at said work and we each won a $250 visa gift card.  Frank happened to find a matching dryer to the said washing machine for like $150!  Double portion, anyone?  Yes, please!  So the washer and dryer have been good to us with no maintenance needed, at all.  They have cleaned up some gross stuff.

Well, the other week I was in the middle of laundry day and the thing broke.  It wouldn't drain.  I was sick.  I knew we would have to pay for it, it wasn't the pipes like before.  Everywhere I called was going to be at least $100 just to get them to come out and look.  I remembered I went on a mission trip with this guy that repaired appliances... I stalker called him for 2 days.  He tells me he's sick and can't work.  I lay hands on this washing machine, I kick at it and then apologize immediately that I didn't mean it!  No luck, it won't drain.

For 3 days we have no washing machine.  We cloth diaper, you can imagine the panic that is starting to seep in.  My friend saves the day and tells me I can wash the poo in her washing machine.  It takes all day but she did it.

Dang, this is a long story.

Frank comes home after the second trip to another friends house to do laundry and works on it for 2 hours.  The culprit... Miss Francie pants christmas sock.  It was mangled in the motor.  Darn those little socks!  They gave me a heart attack!

Moral of the story has 2 parts:
1.  When in doubt (or broke), get your hubby to look at it first.  If you do not trust him, just go away and drink wine and shut up.
2.  Wash socks in a lingerie bag.

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