Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oh these men...

We are in Texas, with family.  We are celebrating a new family that came about last night.  It was beautiful and I'm so excited to have a new brother in law!  I love weddings and I love that we got to participate in the festivities.

Frank preformed the ceremony for his sister and her husband.  Annabelle, Emma and I sat in the back, as soon as Frank started talking, Annabelle started saying "daddy, daddy, daddy"... oh my.  I ended up taking the girls out during the charge.  Oh well.  The reception was a blast and then we had an after party that was a great time here at the house.  Today has been awesome with lots of eating and just hanging out.  It has been a great vacation with lots of willing extra hands with the girls and some nice rest.  Maybe some pictures tomorrow?  For sure.

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