Friday, March 16, 2012

We're back.....

And here we are:

Okay, fine, it was taken on the plane.  What else can you do after 20 minutes into a movie and they are bored and you've exhausted all your toys and tricks and snacks... you play with photo booth, that is what you do!  Thank you apple and your cool ideas, i didn't have to buy anyone a $8 cocktail on the plane.  Thank you!

The flight went well, we flew southwest.  While they are AWESOME because you get to check 2 bags per paying customer and the tickets are cheap, you have to stop at least once.  Ahh, nerve racking.  Thankfully no one had ear drum drama and we made it safely and without any major melt downs.

What a week we had... we got there Wednesday night and just hung out.  Annabelle slept until 930am most mornings and we had to wake her up.  Thank you to the aunts and cousins that wore her out!

Thursday and Friday we just hung out, did life, got ready for the wedding and enjoyed meeting new family and friends that we had not met before.

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night and was not like what i was use to attending.  We wore jeans and some hoodies made an appearance.  Yes I said hoody and yes, I mean sweatshirt zip up kind.  Yes, you southern ladies, I was just as shocked!  My in laws are by far the best dressed in town, for sure!
Olivia and Jarrett
3 generations: Nana, Frank and Emma Kate
Most of the wedding party

 Saturday was the big day!  Katie was gorgeous and there was some good food and dancing.  Frank married them and just knocked it out the park, or church.

The first dance

Annabelle and her momma

Olivia and Megan

They were sorta nice...

Aunt Gwen and Annabelle

*In case you were wondering as to why we don't have any ceremony photos, it's because the Robertson women were sitting in the back and I was trying to keep the girls quiet, BAHAHAHA!!  As soon as Frank started talking, AB started yelling for him.  Oh my.  My bag of tricks was not working and we didn't even make it through the charge!  Oh well, lesson learned.  Don't take babes to a wedding.

Haidyn and her sister, Megan loved on our girls so much and played so well with them.  It was so sweet.   I love these girls so much and am so thankful for the tie we got to spend with them!  I wish we lived closer to them so that I could love on them more.  And their momma!
Haidyn and Annabelle
Frank cooked us some steak and chicken on the grill.  He did  not waste any time and enjoyed a cigar and beer... oh Frank, you make me laugh more and more each day!

It was a great trip and we were all sad to leave.  No really, the car was packed and we called AB, she literally pitched a fit in Nana's living room.  We all have been a little mopey since Wednesday night.

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