Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear babes...

Dear Annabelle and Emma Kate,
Can I tell you how cute I think that you are?  Can I tell you that with each diaper change, chat at the table, moments on the floor talking or building or changing the dolls diapers and talking about our day make me love you more?   Your daddy and I are so thankful to have you.  Please know that when we leave you to go on a date night that all we really talk about is the funny things that you do or how big you've become.  Sometimes, when we don't eat dinner but just sit with you guys, it's because we need an "in-house" date night.  We put you do bed and eat dinner and talk and laugh and have a date.  We do this for our family.  To make each other #1 and I will tell to do the same thing when you are married and have babes and can not babysit for you, okay?

Annabelle, you are so much like me, it makes me laugh.  I love it when we are in the car and daddy is driving and I turn around to talk to you.  I tell you something and you will say a "sentence" back to me and then I ask you something else and you give me your big smile and nod your head and say "okay".  It makes me laugh.  Or when I ask you if you understand something and you say "okay".  Girl, it's so precious!!  I can not even handle it.  I love that you are a mommas girl.  You want me.  No one else.  I love that you call Aunt Emily "Emmy", I love that you will point her out just like you do me, daddy and Emma.  You point her out without skipping a beat.  She loves you so much and I am so thankful.  We are starting potty training tomorrow.  We took you to target and you picked out your panties.  Minnie panties. I can't handle this.  We also got you all the snacks and juice that you never get to have and I'm so excited to see you react to your first Oreo.  Sweet one, you are such a good mommy to your dolls, stuffed animals, Emma and Dallas.  Dallas is never with our food or water thanks to you- you are on it!  And Emma, you feed her and try to change her diaper.  She looks up to you so much, please always remember that and be a good example to her and teach her.  She loves you so much!  She gets to excited to have your attention that she kicks you.  I'm sorry AB, she will learn soon that we go not kick each other, or pull hair!!  I love that you are so affectionate with me.  Can you start being more affectionate with your daddy, he needs it.  He wants your attention so bad, think middle school boy fighting for attention.  And he's so jealous for it also.

Emma Kate, you are so much like your daddy it freaks me out.  I love you so much!  I love your big ole' gummy smile.  Daddy and I laugh so hard when we put you to bed and we can hear you in there kicking and screeching and playing.  I love how you are so happy all the time.  I love when you "hug" me, it's so precious.  You just kick and then bury your head into me.  You then look up at me and do this over and over and over.  It melts my heart.  You are such a snuggled, you will fall asleep in my arms or in my bed, still.  I love it when you do this, your hot breath and body just feel so good against mine.  I love your little dimples of knuckles on your hands and your blond hair.  You just smile at anyone and love the attention that you get.  You are not a fan of my cooking, I hope this changes, quickly.  You love your big sister so much and are always looking for her.  If she is in the room, your eyes are on her!  You will literally belly laugh at her when she is doing nothing.  You love to jump!  The johnny jumper is your favorite and you are so happy there, I think it makes you feel included in what is going on.  Can you please hurry up and learn to sit.  You are trying to crawl, you do that funny "swimming" thing and you get so frustrated that you are not going forward.  You did, however, start to move backwards the other day.  You are just like Daddy- never met a stranger, when you are ready for bed, you are ready and will let us know!  You love him so much.  When he is home, all eyes are on him.  You watch him and make noises to get his attention.  You blink a lot like him, haha!

Girls, I love you so much and can just see us being best friends when you both are older.  What if we have boys that join our family... Lord help us!!

I love you,

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