Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Do you ever feel like you lost your groove after a life altering situation?  I felt like I totally lost mine after I got married and then after each child was born.  Like needed list of lists to make and then reminders and post it notes on the door and keys in the fridge so I don't forget something.  Forget about being somewhere on time, or even going.  I would cancel all the time after Annabelle was born.
Well, 7 months into having Emma Kate with us and I feel like we are in a groove.  We can be somewhere somewhat on time, I rarely cancel and I don't forget much that should be in the diaper bag.  We are mostly bathed before we leave and I do laundry on somewhat regular basis, so we don't stink, most of the time.  Hair bows and shoes are bonus points in my book.

This weekend Carson got married.  I was a bridesmaid and AB and EK were flower girls.  We didn't leave Charleston on time, so we missed most of the rehearsal.  I changed from yoga pants into a cocktail dress while care bears was blaring from the DVD player and frank was flying up 77.  When we got to the church, Frank and I threw girls into their dresses and she helped me get them in there (he was still in jeans, gasp!!).  No diaper covers or hair bows or shoes.  FAIL.
Wedding day:
Frank is in charge of the girls so that I can come and go and do the sister/bridesmaid thing.  I packed everything when we left and had it all in one bag, or so I thought.
Things I forgot:

  • Purple hair bows I begged my friend to make for the girls (so they would match Carson's wedding colors), couldn't find them in the disaster of a van.
  • Sashes that went on the dresses
  • Iron the dress from being washed after Katie's wedding and the BBQ sauce fiasco.
  • Diaper covers for both girls
  • Shoes, for both girls.  AB wore her pink leather sandals that are super cute BUT NOT flower girl cute
  • Iron Frank's pants, or at least tell him to iron them.  Don't judge me, he was in the military and can iron better than your momma!
  • Appropriate underwear for me... hello pantie lines.
  • Wine.  To survive my big fat mom/wife failure.
Oh and to top it all off, AB would have NOTHING to do with riding in the wagon.  She loves that thing and wants to play in it non-stop.  But when it was go time, she wanted nothing to do with it.  I walked her down the aisle with me. No, I carried her.  She wouldn't even walk.  Emma Kate on the other hand, totally ate up being the center of attention and gave everyone her big gummy smile.
Frank was at the end of the aisle waiting on us and we got them out of there.  I'm sorry, if you have a child that is not old enough to be bribed for good behavior, they should not be at a wedding.  I WILL judge you for you disruptive child.  And by disruptive, I mean more than a sneeze.

Other than the Robertson's being a big mess, it was an incredible wedding!  It was so classy and the food was to die for.  They are headed for their honeymoon and I am so excited for their bright future!  I will post picture once they come in!!

Happy Tuesday friends!

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Jessica said...

great post! Been there!

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